Kh 29"

Well, I am a bit tired, so will just share the Facebook link. Can you help me checking if you could read it autotranslated by Facebook in your language? I am an old guy and don’t trust automatic translations! KH 29"`

Not automatically translated but I am sure an interested buyer can figure it out.

Thank you! I’ll write it in english

@Vogelfrei80 ,

I have attached two screenshots. On the first screenshot, I added yellow highlighter to show where a link is included to provide a translation to English.

The second screenshot shows the translation, after clicking on that link. I added yellow highlighter on the second screenshot to indicate where the translated text is. The translated text is between the two highlighted areas.

I hope this allows you to determine if you are happy with how face book is displaying your advertisement.

:kissing_heart: Pedestrian extractor! :rofl:

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