Kh 29

This KH 29er is great shape as I didn’t ride much. (I prefer my KH 24" muni.) I’m not sure what year this is, but with the images, I bet somebody can tell us.

It has a new Geax Saguaro 29" tire and new tube. Well, almost new; I took it out today for an 8-mile ride.

KH seat. KH Moment 125/150 cranks. Odyssey pedals.

I think $350 + shipping from Arizona seems fair. If not, please let me know. I’m in no rush.

I’ll take off the light-holder from the seat post. That is the black-plastic thing in the last picture.

Kh 29

Hi, i am very interested in your kh29, is it still for sale?

P.S. I’ll ship in the US only, sorry. From experience, shipping overseas is quite the effort and very expensive.

I am interested. How much is shipping to zip: 48451?


I’m guessing $50 or so.


The hub is definitely from 2007-2008. It was the same years Moment cranks were introduced too.
And the rim do not have the cut-outs (introduced around 2009) but still has machined sidewalls. So except if you change one of these, the estimate should be good :wink:

The only think I don’t have off the top of my head is the width of the rim (not sure if it was the 38mm as the XC model before) and the tire specs :smiley:

Have the Moment cranks changed since they first came out?

@nate they have gotten lighter through the years, but thats about all

38mm XC rim
First Gen ISIS hub
Rail Adaptor
First Gen Freeride seat (Velo base)
Frame tube butt welded to crown


Thanks to everyone for all the feedback.

Still have it.

Still here…

…so far.

Pm sent

Sold. Thanks, all.