Kh 29

Have a KH 29 in excellent condition - it is pre - isi but is in great shape…Not too sure what I am thinking as far as price - Is $350 reasonable or am I on drugs??? Let me know as I want to fair for all involved and get this to someone who appreciates it…Mahalo

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Not Sure

I saw this UNI on Craigs in Seattle, I actually saved your number to my phone. I am interested but also not sure of the value. It has good value, just not familiar with the axle it has and cranks. My thought today was to call you and tell you to post it here on the forums with more accurate description of the components, some of that info in the ad is inaccurate. It definitely has value, just not sure how to quantify it. Good luck with this sale either way

I am going to guess it is a 2005 but would have a better idea with some more pictures.

If I was going to sell this I would probably advertise it for about $300 and sell it to the first person who offered me $250 + shipping. A unicycle like this would cost considerably more to build up but it has some outdated technology and it’s used.

There is nothing really wrong with the 2005 model of the KH29, but there have been a lot of improvements over the years.

I believe the old (pre-2007) cranks and hubs used the Onza spline with tubular cranks. A nice light setup that is very strong but had some of the same creaking issues as Profile cranks. You aren’t going to break them but good luck if you want to find replacements in a different length.

The rim was wide in it’s day but compared to the rims people are using for MUni now it is a bit narrow. Not an issue if you like smaller lighter tires or ride higher pressure.

I haven’t heard of many people breaking 29" frames so I wouldn’t worry about the frame, most changes to the 29" frame over the years have been carry overs from the 20" frame to keep the manufacturing process the same for all frames. (KH20 gets a re-enforced seat-tube, so all the other frames get a re-enforced seat-tube)

All and all it looks like a great uni and you definitely kept it in nice shape. That thing belongs on fast rolling single track. hope it finds a good home.

Why do all the decent uni’s on here have to be for sale in America :frowning:

how much would shipping be to ottawa?!?!Ontario canada

Seriously - could someone find shorter cranks for this hub? I’d love to buy this, but the long cranks aren’t useful since I ride nearly all street. Offering the seller anything resembling a fair price and then building up a new wheel, I’m back to the cost of a new one.


Has this been sold and are you still going with the 300$???

Let me know.



still available

Yes it is still available…and I am just looking for whatever is a fair price…around $300 seems to be what I have been told to look for…