KH 29 with Magura rim brake

Hey all

I’m selling a Kris Holm, 29 inch muni with new Magura rim brake.

Asking price is $350 and I live in Southern California.

What size are the cranks? Are you willing to sell it without the Maggies? What year is the cycle/components? Thanks

Or we could have some deal… I’d be interested in the brakes!

Ah that might work out well.

I also would be interested in the brake, if it’s still up for grabs.

More details of muni for sale

I upgraded from a Torker DX in 2012. About 2 years ago the hub was very noisy. Kris Holm sent a new hub and I had the local shop build it. Also along the way I replaced the tire and early this spring replaced the brake with a new one. The cranks are the original ISIS 127/150. I did change the peddles since I took the picture. It now has the Wellgo clear polycarbonate platform featuring: blue anodized spindle & removable steel pins that came with the 27.5 KH I purchased.