KH 29" USA road / mountain

An AMAZING unicycle.

I haven’t ridden it in a few years because i use the 36" more. I must say goodbye to this friend.

I believe this is a 2008. Moment cranks, ISIS hub

I put a road tire on for city riding & will include the Mountain tire as well.

some scuffs on the pedals and the plastic grip on the seat, but overall in amazing shape.

$500 plus shipping from San Francisco, CA

I find it a little odd that on the ebay listing you said that you haven’t ridden it because of an injury, but here you say that you haven’t ridden it because you like your 36er better.

Definitely a 2008 Moment hub :slight_smile:

You haven’t mentioned the length of the dual-holes cranks: 125/150 ? 137/165 ?


yes they’re 125/150

and you can contact me at


2008 hub. Not a moment hub

When the KH hubs switched to ISIS, they started to be named Moment (compared to the splined Onza/KH hub of previous models).

The blue one with cut-out KH is an ISIS one (from 2007 or 2008) and there is definitely “Moment” written on the axle under the KH signature.

However, you are right, it is the very first version of Moment hubs and not the one we can find on the shops now with a green body and silver flanges :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to find pics but I can make some pics of the one I have home :smiley:

(There is really a need of a wiki to gather all the historical information about unicycle and parts…)

What are the specs of the road tire? Size? What about the rim? How wide is the rim?

The rim looks like the XC 38mm rim. That would have been the standard rim on the KH 29 in 2008.

I also put this up on ebay. I lowered the price to $450.

email me if you have any questions: