KH 29 Review

Picked up a new 2012, KH 29 last week & thought that I would write a short review. The unicycle is a stock issue with no add ons.

Kris has once again supplied a quality item that anyone would be happy to own. The addition of the disc brake mount to the right leg of the 2012 frame has been accomplished with great style and beautiful welds & the paint job on the frame is flawless.

Nice & light at 6.1 kg’s

The new spirit cranks (127 /150) have a bit of additional Q facter to them that is taking a bit of getting used to. The pinned plastic pedals (pins pry out or press in rather than thread in or out) are very grippy and stylish with the clear body showing off the inner workings that are coloured blue to match the frame.

Freeride seat now comes with velcro attachment rather than that pesky draw string, and the cover has gone back to a smooth vinyl as opposed to the fabric cover of the past three years or so. The grab handle is the new closed design so a bit less chance of getting the old fingers caught.

I’m still experimenting with the Ardent 29 x 2.4 tire as far as air pressure is concerned, but am of the opinion that the tire handles better with less air as opposed to more. Most of my riding is on smooth surfaces so this might not be the best tire for what I do, but it doesn’t kick the uni around on the cement so no major issues with control. Not sure how long the tire will last on hard surfaces though due to lots of grinding of the outboard lugs while turning.

I have set the pedals in the 127 holes and am having a bit of trouble with overall control but its getting better.

My plan with this uni was to use it as an in town commuter rather than one of my 24’s (bit slow) or my 36 which for me is just too much work getting on & off for city riding. (I’m fairly short) So far I think it’s going to work out well.

This is my fourth KH unicycle (also have a KH 20,24 & 36) and their price point is up there, but if you believe that you get what you pay for I don’t think that you will be disappointed with any of the offerings that Kris has put on the market.

Happy riding.