KH 29-inch Muni vs. Surly Conundrum 26-inch Muni

I am struggling to decide between the KH 29-inch Muni vs. Surly Conundrum 26-inch Muni. I have the KH 36, which I love and ride all the time on paved trails, and I have a Torker 24 inch unicycle that doesn’t excite me any more on off-road trails. I want to increase the wheel size so I can ride faster on X-country trails with moderate rocks. If the extra cost of the Conundrum is not a factor, should I go with it? Is it too heavy for two hours of fun on trails? It sure looks cool.:slight_smile:

The Conundrum is really a special-purpose unicycle; it is not as good on general trails as other unicycles. That super-fat tire is outstanding on sand or snow, but it behaves poorly in normal conditions, especially any time you’re on a side slope.

I would get the KH 29 unless my riding would primarily be on loose sand and snow.


With my limited experience on a 29" muni, and loads of experience on a 24" Large Marge muni, here is my opinion.

For what you want to ride, I would go with the KH29.

Hope this helps.


I cannot give a review of the surly conundrum, but I do Muni on a kh29. It is very fun, fast, and… yeh fast! IMO, the faster you go the more dangerous, therefore more fun!

That’s all I can say, but judging by what tholub said, for general trails you will not want the surly conundrum.

Btw - did you mean ‘‘KH20’’, or N36? So far, there is no KH36 on the market.

the surly conundrum looks awesome and id love one for that, but i think the kh29 would be the best for speed aswell as the ablillity for muni.
i didnt think the kh36 was out yet, i thought it was comming out in the summer??

KH did indeed make a 36er frame about 5 years ago.

I don’t care whether there has been a KH36 frame out before or not, I clearly stated

because that is fact, and I even made the effort to avoid any people picking me up on it by saying ‘‘on the market’’.

The guy is a newbie, and you’re only confusing him.

I did mean the N36 - sorry for the confusion. I appreciate the feedback on the KH 29. Thanks, Scott

your welcome, can i ask how you know my name lol, i dont care but…?
or are you called scott??

umm…I don’t care that you don’t care. How do you know that he didn’t have a 36er based on the old KH frame? (other than he has since clarified). Just because he’s new to the forums doen’t mean he’s a new unicyclist.

Your rude response was unwarranted.

I was only annoyed because you’d picked up on it after I’d said ‘‘on the market’’ so that people didn’t pick it to pieces.

Sorry if I cam across rude.

No worries. I’m glad to know there will be another KH36er come this summer.

1-wheeled grape,
ESP - actually, my name is Scott as well.

oh i see, you confused me (it isnt hard to do dont worry) anyway kh29:p , just so i can envy you because i want one too.:stuck_out_tongue:


It seems like Kris is going to be putting a 36" out on the market this summer.
According to what he wrote there are a couple of prototypes floating around.


I vote for the Surly

I built up a conundrum with the following components

Kris holm seat
Kris Holm Seatpost
Kris Holm Moment Cranks
Large Marge Rim
Specialized S-works Evil Twin Roller (26X2.7)
crank brothers 5050 pedals (not delivered yet when pic was taken)

It is such an awesome unicycle - it is a little heavy - but worth its weight in gold - because it just makes me want to ride all of the time.

Plus they are fun to build and customize. What I am saying is - if the Surly excites you, (like it does me) buy one - then get the Kris Holm too - it’s only money, and it gets you off the couch.

I second the Surly vote.

To me, the 3 inch tire makes the Surly a better option. I finally agree, after much reluctance, that the 4 inch tire is not so good for muni, but the 3 inch tire with a large marge rim is an awesome setup. I am a lot faster than people on 24 inch yet the bigger tire can handle some pretty extreme downhill. It feels very stable in very unstable terrain and I can outclimb most people. I run the Duro 3 inch in the summer and the Conundrum 4 inch in the winter and when I ride the sand washes and dunes of S. Colorado and Utah. It makes for fairly versatile setup.
I think the Surly with a 3 inch tire is pretty close in diameter to a 29 inch.
That being said, the smaller tire on the 29er and the aluminum frame makes it a lighter option and probably a faster uni on less extreme terrain. It all depends where your muni will take you.