KH 29 Freeride Singletrack

Took the 29 Freeride rim for a cruise down some singletrack, also a chance to try some different angles with the GoPro camera - until the batteries went flat :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice angles!

Also, that’s the third Coldplay song on a unicycle video I’ve seen in three days!

Heya thanks. Lots of luck with the angles, I just point it in the general direction and see what the footage is like when I get home.

Relieved that Youtube allowed the music!

is that the new 47mm 29er rim?
how do you like it?
it looks pretty nice, the fattest 29er ive seen!

Enjoyed that. Liked the different angles, and the contrast they created. Nice one :slight_smile:

I love the video, if you’re scared of youtube removing the soundtrack you can always put the video on .

Hey thanks guys!

I’ve attached a pic of the camera setup, let’s you put the camera out the front, back, up, down, angled, where the sun don’t shine and then some :stuck_out_tongue:

I especially like the wide angle looking straight up shot through the trees, it seems to capture the experience/feeling of riding off road, for me anyway.

If anyone is interested in the gadgets I’ve gone into more detail in my blog:

@simonb: yes that’s the new rim. It rocks! The 29er feels a lot more like a big brother to the 24 vs a hybrid. Some more info/pics of the 29er rim at


that’s a nice little gadget you have! I liked the up view in the trees it looks really magical and stuff.

Posted an updated version, tidied a few smaller details and found a snippet of the camera crashing into the ground so had to add that, at 3.30

Neat gadget!
When you first see it, it looks as if you ride with your frame rock steady - until your brain clues in that the camera is actually moving with the frame.


yeah absolutely!

the weirdest view is when the camera is mounted to your helmet - like at the very end of the video, so your head appears to remain rock steady and everything else is moving… very weird!

in the frame mounted positions i think the setup does a good job of capturing the feeling of unicycling, which is really neat. once the wet weather clears i’m planning to get some off road footage on the 36’er.

I’d be afraid to ride with that frame mount. The video would be cool until I would upd and bash the camera into a rock

hey lunicycle nice video,that camera is very wide angle and looks fairly convenient to use.I’ve been playing around with a little cmos lens that you can put just about anywhere but is time consuming to set up with power supply and video cable to a video camera recording in my backpack.Here is a picture with it taped to my fork.I think there is probably a few more angles to find yet.

@ Tucson Uni: Yeah it’s fairly risky with the camera sticking out the front. If I think there’s too much change of UPD’ing I either don’t use that camera on the uni at all, or have it around the back.

@ dangerdog: cool mate! Is there a way to screw a fish eye adapter onto that? I saw some of those style cameras when I was looking into the GoPro but they were too much $, and from having used a friend’s GoPro Wide before in cars I liked the angle of view. The rate the GoPro eats batteries though is a bummer.