KH 29" frame and more if you have it.....

I am looking to build a 29-er Schlumpf set-up… I’d like a KH 29" frame at the very least and possibly more if you got it.


Are you also looking for a Schlumpf hub?

If you have one… let me know what you want for it, I may be game.

I would prefer a KH schlumpf but would consider a non-ISIS

check your PMs

Gotcha, anyone want to chime in on why I absolutely shouldn’t build this project with an updated square taper schlumpf? I will be using it for road riding only.

You would need a different frame, but if you haven’t bought the KH frame yet that will probably only save you money.

Why? 2008 and newer frames fit the square or ISIS schlumpf right? That’s what I was told by a number of people.

I am pretty sure that the square taper model uses a 40mm bearing while the ISIS model uses a 42mm bearing.

I would not want to use a shim on the knurled bearing.

From Schlumpf’s site:

You would need to use shims, but …I don’t think that it is recommended nor safe to use shims with the schlumpf hub. Although all the problems before were from people who were making 40mm bearing holders into 42mm, so maybe it would be alright to use a proper shim, but I would recommend consulting Florian first. I am not sure what 29er frame on the market with 40mm bearing holders is best suited for the hub, but I would think there would be one available.

Yup… I think I’m going to get a KH/Schlumpf