Kh 29" 2007

…comes with:

•Big Apple 2.35 tire
•Magura steel braided brake (needs to be bled and refilled, I have the bleed kit)
•Hand grips and rear bumper cushions
•Cateye head light and tail light (tail light is mounted on fender)
•Custom fender
•K1 110mm cranks (straight, short, fast) kind of scratched up, they would look nice polished
*the KH frame has been modified so these cranks fit
•Travel pouch with internal frame and soft liner
•Water bottle cage
•Clear Odyssey PCs pedals
•Jelli Bell
•Cateye Enduro 8 cyclecomputer (clip is a bit broken and screw is lost but it still works)

Make an offer.

Picture 9.png

Picture 22.png

Picture 5.png

Picture 12.png


I would be interested in your brake - if you were willing.

let me know - thanks Bo

There are some here for $75 dollars each.


$300? How much of the frame did you have to shave off and any idea where I could get longer cranks and how much they would be? Interested in XC muni too. Looking for my first adult uni, learning to balance on a metal bumpered, cottered crank, too short seatpost special atm :stuck_out_tongue:

Have made a couple changes.

No more T7, no more blue. It now has brand new 114mm Qu-Ax cranks.

$300.00 + shipping.

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png


is this the same unicycle stripped, or another Uni for sale?
Thanks, Allen

same unicycle, he just stripped the frame, and took off a bunch of the stufrf, like the t7 bar, and he switched the cranks

I’m interested!


I’m interested and I live in Boston… However I perform on cruise ships and am out to sea the next two weeks. I’m on the New England / Canada run and we will be stopping in Boston.

Please email me:


Sorry, Uni is gone.

T7 and everything on it still available.

Sam, are the K1 cranks still available?

haha, naw sorry Phil. I laugh because I destroyed them in a modification experiment.

ah… well i now shed a tear for that… what else you got?

How much for the “T7 and everything on it?”

I’m interetsed in whatever you have left from the 29" uni…
Portland, OR

The brake still needs to be bled. I will throw in the the bleed kit. The tail light is now on my road bike.

So, for the T7 with brake, waterbottle cage, bell, travel bag… $145. I would do 165 with the headlight. If you want the make shift fender I can add that free, tho, it will not be coming with the tail light.

100.00 + trade… OBO …anyone?

I am interested in the t7 only, how much?


T7 only…

If your first deal falls through, I’ll take it for $30 plus shipping…email me directly at