Kh 26"

I have this uni for sale. It´s like new. Nimbus hub, KH spirit cranks 137mm, Schwalbe SmartSam tire, KH pedals, KH fusion freeride saddle 2011, KH adjustable seatpost 2011, KH reinforcement plate, VDO X3DW cyclocomputer, new KH adjustable seatpost 2011 with adapter, new KH green seat cover and rollo disc for moments included gratis!!! Price include shipping cost is 200€!!!

That’s just what I’m looking for. But somehow getting it to the US (Southern California, LA area) seems problematic. Have you done this before?

Hi LanceB,
thank you for your interest. You live too far from me. Shipping to your country is about 70€. :frowning: If you accept 250€ write me the email: cblemur at gmail dot com

Yeah, I thought the shipping would make it overall not practical. Customs might also be a hassle.
Nice uni though, good luck with your sale!
best regards,
Lance B

Hi MilanMUni,

I’m very interested!
It seems the rim is not KH. Which rim is it?
Width of the tire?
The front grip in the saddle is the new one (no hole)?
Are you in Milan-Italy?
200€ TOTAL, including shipping to Barcelona-Spain?
Payment method?

:slight_smile: Luis

Thank you LanceB!
Luis, you have an email from me…

Hi is this still available? Would you ship to the uk? Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry Crazy stu, saled to Luis.