Kh 26

Re the spacers, I meant spline covers not crank covers, I was :thinking: .

Bzzzz, wrong answer!

You may think you don’t need it, but the first time your bearing slips off the hub and sends you walking, you’ll be back with a spacer.

Been there, done that, add the spacers.

Never had that happen, but i have heard that is what they are put on to prevent.

re: the spacers, yeh that makes sense. Thanks I will pull the cranks off and put them in.

Just a bit more on spacers:

I use a variety of hubs and cranks, all ISIS, and I have found that different crank and hub combos do best with different spacer thicknesses. If my memory serves me correctly, I use a:

8mm on KH/Nimbus Isis steel spline with KH Moments
6mm on KH/Nimbus Isis steel spline with K1
6mm on KH Ti isis spline with KH Moments

Between the bearing and hub, I believe UDC uses a 4mm. Josh at UDC has used a 2mm with the KH Ti hib and ran the spokes all from the trailing side, this allowed more space between the spoke and frame.

It is certainly better to have too thin a spacer then too thick, since some bearing movement would be better than not having the cranks pressed onto the spine far enough.