kh 26

Got an estimated date for when the 26 will be available in the U.S. Kris?

The assembled KH26 should be out by mid/late November.

BTW am heading out here on a geared KH26 next week, on a horseback-supported muni trip to the south Chilcotin (BC). Should be good I hope; have always wanted to explore this area. If you’ve seen the bike video Roam, it’s in the Gun Creek area where we’re going, with nearly endless kilometres of awesome alpine singletrack.


Hey Kris – I am building it geared, and that has been my thought too. I’m really not too worried about it. Lately I’ve been thinking the 3" tire is too much.

A lower inseam is better for me too; since I’m short!


One reason I haven’t considered migrating from my KH24 to KH26 is because I’m not tall (5’ 8") and when I used to ride my 28" Yuni (with 26x3 Gazz) it just felt a bit “tall” out on the trails, just not as smooth. Of course that original set up was fairly heavy so that could be why it felt so sluggish compared to my lower profiled and much lighter KH24. It just works for me. I also like to travel with my unicycle and the 24" fits perfectly in my ERGO hardshell suitcase; just remove the seatpost and pedals and let the air out of the tire and you’re good. I could fit the 26er in there but I had to first remove the tire from the rim; a much bigger pain! For longer distance XC rides, yes it’s a bit “spinny” but I’m a runner so it doesn’t feel unnatural to me. It felt great riding 50 miles of single track trail and has felt great the 100’s of miles of technical and XC trails I’ve ridden ever since. You may be faster than me in the short run, but lets go for several hours and you’ll see it’s more a question of fitness and endurance over wheel size! It will be the ultimate machine (for me) once I get my KH/Schlumpf hub built back into it (I killed my first one after only 20 miles!). I imagine with scarcity of good, wide, 24" tires I too will have to eventually migrate to the 26" variety. I’m not looking forward to it, but I imagine I’ll get used to it. :smiley:

. . .Or you could order now and get a Surly Conundrum 26 (or 24) frame for 90 bucks.

Apparently they are being discontinued and are selling at “less than wholesale” from Surly.

As muniing sam pointed out, UDC NZ has had the KH26 available ever since the frame and rim were around. I believe we are the first and only place to offer complete KH26s. I build them up from parts. We are now out of stock of the KH26. I’ll be building up the last one on Monday.