kh 26

How come they are not selling a full kh 26 Uni yet? If they have the frame in stock, it seems the wheel would be a no brainer to come up with??? I have to believe with the mtb market that there are many production wheels in existance already that would work ??? What am I missing?

Just being impatient I guess…

Kris told me there’s going to be an assembled one I think in November, if I remember correctly. The reasons for not selling them like that yet were somewhat obscure. There is a 26" KH rim available too, so all the parts are actually available. Maybe it has to do with the improvement of the frame to make it compatible with bigger tires. And I hope that will come very soon.
If you do a search for “KH 26 frame?” opened by me you’ll find some more information.

The KH26 is already on but it’s written that the full KH will be out during this winter(2009/2010). You can already see all the specs on the site.

You could just order all the parts and get your LBS or UDC to build a wheel (what i did :wink: ).
Then you just need to order a 26" tire and youre done!

I use the Maxxis Advantage tire (26x2.25) and it fits perfect! I love this tire. Has a lot of grip and is very easy to handle. I rode my KH 26 during a 24h race in Davos, in Molveno and i will ride it at EUC Downhill edition.
Its an amazing unicycle!

I’m considering it. I am familiar with building wheels and would do it myself. I’m trying to decide to get the kh rim vs alex dm24. I don’t know enough about these types of rims to make an educated decision. The kh rim is pretty expensive 90.00 vs 25.00 for the Alex.

Anyone know what the hub set spring is? On UDC they have the KH axle/hub assembly w/ set spring 160.00, w/o set spring it’s 95.00. There is no description about what it is or anything???

The KH rim is 47mm, and the Alex is 33mm. That by itself is a huge difference. If you plan on using a really fat tire you will be happier with the wider rim. I think the Alex would be alright if you aren’t going fatter than 2.5". I don’t have experience with these rims, but on my 24" MUni I had an Alex rim of similar width, and a KH rim that’s a little narrower than the current KH rims, and it makes it feel like a different uni.

The set you’re refering to is with the hub and crank. It says “Spring 2009”. I think that’s when it became available, and they just haven’t updated their site to reflect that we are soon to enter Fall.

To be fair, The Alex rim is 39mm wide at the widest point, which I assume is how the KH rims are measured, making it a difference of 8mm instead of 15.

That being said, I just switched from a Surly Large Marge (65mm wide) to the Alex, and with the same 2.5 tire (Maxxis high roller, which has great sidewalls and a non-perfect tread pattern) there’s a huge difference. Besides the gigantic weight difference there was a bit of a loss in tire volume. I wouldn’t say the volume loss detracts from my riding though. I can still rolling hop to about the same height, and can still ride the same sections of trail as before I made the switch. The area where I notice the difference in rim width the most is sidehopping. If I decide to do a bit of mid-trail trials the tire folds easier when I try to sideways gap up/from small or non-flat surfaces.

Disclaimer: I’ve never ridden a KH or similar width rim, only the Alex and Large Marge. And I’d be okay with the Large Marge if it wasn’t so damned heavy.

UDC NZ sells a KH26 I suppose Tony built it up.

I think you are refering to the dx32 which is 39mm, the dm24 is 33mm, or I just learned that it’s more like 32mm. I was just about to suggest that if you want to save a few bucks the dx32 is probably a better choice.

Whoops! You’re right.

I priced out buying all the components and it’s just too damn much money, easlily pushing 800.00 with tax and shipping. I might pickup a coker to satisfy my need for another Uni right now :slight_smile: That will keep me busy until Winter.

Good info on the rims, thanks for that.

Consider getting a cheaper hub and crank. Its not like a nimbus hub is any weaker, and as for cranks, i always thought moments were overkill on anything over 24"…

Then buy a nimbus saddle instead of the kh one, and bahm lots cheaper! And pretty much the same uni…

True, I actually have a nimbus gel seat sitting in my garage, I found it too uncomfortable, I wonder if I could take it apart and shape it more like a kh freeride? I’m running the nimbus ventures on my 24" Muni and they seem to be fine… Your plan may work brendan. I guess the frame and the rim are the most important parts. There may be a 26 FrankenMuni in my future :wink:


To put it in perspective the wheel is the most important part including the splined cranks of your choice.

I think the saddle is maybe the next most important thing, followed closely by the pedals. These are the human interface. If they aren’t up for the job you will be uncomfortable, and annoyed.

The frame holds it all together. As long as the frame is reasonably stiff, strong, and not too heavy it will do fine. I don’t ride trials, and so a lot of the issues people have with the Nimbus2 crown just don’t seem to come up. The KH frames are very nice looking, and I’m sure that they ride as nice as they look. Still, I kind of doubt that it would make my local trails more fun.

Well I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about the Nimbus 26 Muni a whole lot lately. So far I’ve been really satisfied with my Nimbus X 24 that I’ve set up for Muni.

YES!!! good news, the new 26" kh frame fits a 3.0 tire!!! thanks kris!!

Sweet! I haven’t decided if I’m getting that or a 29" KH yet. Getting a new muni is such a hard decision…

Ah! That is great news; I wish I would have held out a few days more; I just ordered the KH26 frame yesterday!!


maybe you get already the new one, it’s already avilaible…

Corbin if you’re building it geared I really think you’ll do well with a 2.3 to 2.5" tire because it will roll so much better in 2nd gear, and the original KH26 frame has 12mm lower inseam requirement. So either one would work well for you, I think.