KH 26 starting at $300 on ebay!

Thought I would share my ebay auction here in case any of you are interested. I’ve started the bidding really low on this like-new KH 26.

Bidding ends Nov 27th.

Well, your ebay text (taken from UDC?) says “spirit cranks”, but a close look at the pic reveals moment cranks.
And how much of the seatpost is left, exactly?

Oops. I’ll have to fix that. I can measure the seat post tomorrow.

I tried to delete this post and repost another one with the suffix “For Sale,” but I couldn’t.

Can a moderator please delete this ad and keep the duplicate that has the words “for sale” in the title?

I can not view page

Try this link:

5.5 inches of the seat post still remains. This should be ideal for someone with a pant inseam between 29 and 33 inches depending on how you ride.

Quite good price.

Yes. The unicycle is like new too. I have only used it a few times.

The unicycle is still a very good price. Auction ending in 2 days.

One day left and up to $390. Originally $675.