KH 26" Natural Durability

I plan on buying the KH 26" in the future, and I’m curious about the tire/rim.

In this video:

he isn’t using the tire and rim that comes with the 26".

I’m curious if the KH 26’s tire and rim can take that kind of punishment.

Also: He explains his uni in the first author comment.

Just wondering if what he has would just help, or make what he does work with a 26".

What makes you think it’s not the stock rim? It looks pretty stock.

If you go to the video on youtube itself and look at the comments, he gives the details.

“yeah it’s just a normal KH26 frame, with white powder coat, KH Fusion Freeride 2009 saddle, KH ISIS 137mm cranks, KH hub, DMR Backline 26” rim, DMR Moto 2.4" tire and DT Competition 2.0/1.8 spokes…"

That’s what he said he uses.

qu ax 559 26" street set

he no longer rides that Muni anyways. He rides this now
becasue hes sponsored by qu ax.
this one would probably be more apporpriate for it if thats the sort of thing you would like to do as this is what this particular muni was made for.
qu ax is probably cheaper too.

I think the main reason he used that tire is that it is not as knobby and so is smoother on hard surfaces like ramps. The rim is also narrower which could make turns a bit easier. It may or may not be stronger than the KH rim but I don’t think that is why he was using it. I think that video predates KH26’s being sold as complete unicycles and he just used whatever decent rim he could get.

Also in another video of his you can see him getting a pinch flat with that set up, something which would be much more common on a narrow rim.

If you want to do street like that consider getting a slick or semi-slick tire, but don’t worry about the rim.

Or maybe you mean something else by “Natural Durability?”

Alright, thank you all for the help.

I’ll probably just sand down the tire a bit to make it better for street, and because you say it’ll all hold up well, I’ll stick with it. o:

Also, I have no idea how I’d get my hands on the 559, so that’s sort of out of the question. :confused:

Wow, awesome riding skills in that video! I love how his speed makes the riding more interesting, and shows what can be done with that additional speed! Also I hope the rider is lucky enough to figure out a helmet before he ends up needing one… :astonished:

Clearly, to have survived the making of that video his wheel is plenty strong. No reason to think the stock KH one would not be also though.

to cedrics ride: he uses now the hookworm and if you ride street like him, the kh rim doesn’t last very long ( i broke mine to, while riding street), as an other said he uses a dmr rim

Speechless. Mad skillz. Best vid in awhile. 'nuff said.

So what do you use? And/or where could I order the dmr wheel/rim? Or is there a better option?

i would order a kh stock, and put a maxxis holy runner or a hookworm tyre on it, ride it hard and when you break the rim put an other in it.
here the dmr rim isn’t avilaible (only 32 hole), thats why i ride an rim from dirt bikes: sun double track.

yeah i use a holy roller its really nice. if you go to the qu ax home page (type up qu ax on google) then go to the dealers section of the site it will give you a list of dealers. pick the one closest to you, email them asking them for one and they should be able to get you one

Would this be the same for the KH24, or is the rim a bit stronger?

The DMR Rim is a bit too uhh… Expensive. Everywhere I look it’s $150, which is more than I’m willing to pay for a rim.

The Holy Roller seems fine and dandy, but in terms of a rim, what other options are there for simillar results?

Why don’t you just buy a KH 26 and when the rim breaks upgrade it? The KH rim is $90, so if you want a stronger rim it’s gonna be pricey, and if you break the KH, it would be easier to justify dropping $150 on the DMR.