KH 26 muni or similar

I thought I’d put a feeler out before I buy a new muni. Ideally, my preference is the last KH 26 model with the newest hub (chrome) with disc brake but open to seeing what you have. If anyone has one they want to sell with let me know. Or show me 26ers you have for sale. Want light side, not steel. Thanks.

You have more tire options with 27.5". But, there might be more used 26" for sale.

You’re right and I thought about it but I have a 29 and there really isn’t much difference between the two. I still like the 26 size, so for now I’m hoping to go with that.

I’m selling my KH26, last KH version with Surly Knard 3" and disc, almost new
But it’s in France, shipping to US might by expensive

Interested, pm’d you.
Thank you.

pm sent.

wondering if you might be interested in my “dirt uni” titanium 26’er posted f/s here once upon a time…

(location near rochester.)

Do you have pics/specs?

Understood…I like my 26", love my 24" and am not very excited about my 29", so anything bigger than 26" may not be right for me. Good luck finding something!

Or Nimbus Oracle 26”

Still looking, anyone?

No longer needed

Bought new unicycle. Thanks everyone.

No longer needed.