KH 26" In Utah

I am selling my 26" Kris Holm
It is in almost new condition and has only been on about 8 real mountain rides.
The fusion freeride saddle has been flattened about half way from the stock curve.
The High Roller tire is probably at about 90% of new.
The front and rear bumpers have usual scrapes but nothing bad
The frame is almost mint condition
The disk brake is BRAND NEW and was only mounted for taking pictures. Tektro Auriga Sub Hydraulic
The Spirit Cranks are dual hole 127 and 150
The pedals have scratches but have all the pins
I would like to try and sell this locally to someone in Utah before entertaining the idea of shipping.

0306151228 (640x480).jpg

0306151229c (640x480).jpg

That is exactly what I am looking for. I am having a tough time with my 24" going downhill here in Colorado. I see that you dont want to ship it. Where in Utah are you located?

Hey I just noticed your PM. I am in northern Utah SLC/Ogden. My Dad was in Colorado a couple weeks ago and that would have been ideal. Where are you in Colorado? Maybe we can work something out.

To anyone on the fence about this muni, jump on it!

This thing really is nearly new. Awesome price for a barely ridden unicycle with a disc brake on it…

Jus’ sayin.

Yeah what he said!! :slight_smile:

Darned nice!! If I hadnt love my Oregon so much I woudnt of hesitated at all… i have to resist temptation of flirting with too many wheels

Still up for sale

What a beautiful unicycle, do you still have it for sale?

pm sent


Sadly, I had to let this one go. But I second the motion of the guy above about getting this unicycle. GET THIS UNICYCLE!!! Don’t wait it’s a hell of a deal.

Sold :smiley:

Wait, so is this still available?

Well duh… :stuck_out_tongue: