KH 26 Frame?

I was just wondering if it could be worthwhile for Kris to offer a 26" frame as well. So anybody who’s interested please post a reply.

I would really appreciate a 26" aluminum frame. One of the great things about 26" is that there is a large amount of tires available, including the 3" Duro and the 2,5" Hookworm.

I am currently using a 29" KH frame with a 26" wheel set with a KH/Schlumpf geared hub. It kind of works alright, but I think it would be great to have the brake bosses in the right place, and to have less clearance between frame and tire. So let’s see if Kris could make some money on these.

there was a thread that discussed this around the time all of the '08 kh stuff came out. it was a good discussion, and kris also gave his reasons for not producing one

KH 29er frame works just fine, if you need brakes there are threads on how to modify the brake mounts to do so.

If you see a 26er with a 29er frame you can’t even tell unless you look at the brakes. The clearance is almost the same.

Wow I fail.

I didn’t fully read your post.

I will try and dig up the posts that showed how to use brakes.

I’d be up for that up until last year, then Nimbus started offering brake bosses and 42mm bearing holders on the off road frames. Yes, steel and not as fancy, but also a bargain at $40. See pic of this 26 x 3.0"er . . . . “the Zombie Hunter 26” complete with a posted 2009/unlimited zombie hunting permit.
Cause when you find yourself in zombie infested woods on your unicycle with a shotgun, you’ll be set up to legally bag a few zombies.


Searching posts by Kris with “26” I found mention of a prototype 26" rim but no mention of a frame anywhere.

I need a new frame for my 26 but even if a KH frame were available I think I would go with the cheeper Nimbus. Personally I think having a great wheelset is worth much more than having a great frame.

I think a 26" frame would be great, especially on a Sclumpf MUni. I find the 29’er overgeared on very steep hills, and 24" very slow and no good for riding over bumps.

Also, the choice of tyres and rims on a 26" frame is many times what you’d get for 29’er and 24".

On the other hand, the only thing a specific 26" frame would offer is brake mounts. Otherwise, there’s no reason why you can’t stick a 26" wheelset into a 29" frame.

Or he could just offer a brake adapter… (or dual brake mounts if the or would not interfere with each other on the 29:er)

Yes, that could be a solution too. Quite an easy one, actually…

I think that a kh 26 frame is a great idea but i wouldn’t buy one. i have a nimbus 26" with the square taper crankset and if i were to upgrade anything then it would be the crankset.

I’ve ridden the new 26" Nimbus with brake bosses and I now ride the same in a 24". The price and quality make the Nimbus a great buy. Also Koxx makes a 26" frame with brake bosses, frames are maybe double the cost of the Nimbus. The weight difference is minimal between steel and aluminum. Steel is stronger, more resistant to gouging.

Yes, that’s true. But my problem is that none of these 26" frames can be schlumpfed, as far as I know. So the only thing that works with a KH/Schlumpf on a 26" wheel is the KH29 frame, which is a little too big and has the brake bosses at the wrong height.

So until now there is no elegant solution for this kind of a setup, which is: KH/Schlumpf hub, TryAll 26x47 rim, 26x3 Gazza (or Duro), KH 150/125mm moments, magura etc. I think that could actually become quite a popular and most versatile muni rig, if only there was a nice frame for it…

What about a Hunter? I ride a 26 with brake mounts in the right place and I know Rick will build one to work with a Schlumpf. IMO it is the perfect muni size, faster and rolls through sections way better than a 24 and with tires that outperform any 29.

Do the Koxx frames have machined bearing holders? If they do I don’t see why they would not work (with a bit of grinding of the inner lip on the bearing holders), The reason I would not consider a Koxx frame is they would not fit a 3" tire. The Nimbus frame with machined 42mm bearing holders should work with the inner lip reduction.

I don’t think that Rick Hunter makes frames with 42mm bearing holders but I could be wrong.

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I know I haven’t been on the site that much lately, but that is a very different look.

Back on topic:

If I wanted a KH 26, I think I would make do with a nimbus 26, and get a KH hub built up, there are loads of good strong 26" rims to choose from, and you would have a good strong unicycle.

The orange frames look great as well.


Rick can make both 40mm and 42mm frames, that is part of the whole “Custom” aspect of custom frames. :smiley:



I did wait a long time to release it due to the market size, but a KH26 frame will be available by late April or Early May, as well as a 47 mm wide KH rim. I have this setup built up right now with a KH/Schlumpf hub, and for me it feels like an ideal size for an All Mountain-style geared muni.


Awesome! It’s a shame that I live so far from Muni spots (at least 1 hour away, São Paulo is HUGE)…

But wait until next year when I get a car… Trials on rocks and all skateparks will be close :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice move Kris, can’t wait to see the 47mm Rim :smiley:

Woohooooo, that’s what I was hoping to hear! Awesome!

I guess I should have waited for your rim. I now have a very golden try-all without machined braking surfaces. I do like the large holes in it, but I would have preferred a decent black or silver one (they were out of stock when I ordered). Maybe I will replace it with a KH when they become available over here.

I would like the frame with that great glossy silver clear-coat-only-look, like the double crown KH20. Any chance for that to happen? Then people could get them PCed in their own colours in case they don’t like the silver. But I think silver would also be very practical because it wouldn’t show the scratches and stuff.

Now I’m looking forward to ordering a KH26 frame, a KH touring handle bar, and maybe the new rim too.