KH 26 Frame Extra Wide

Looks like I’ll be needing a KH 26 frame, but they’re sold out in the US and CAN. I can get one from overseas (UK) but would prefer a local buy to avoid shipping charges.

Anyone have one of the “extra wide” frames available?

Ben: Minor threadjack . . . Just curious if you know if this frame will fit the Large Marge rim and Surly Larry tire or not.

If Ben doesn’t know, check with Saskatchewanian, I think he had all the dimensions related to the two different width 26" frames & the wide tires. He may have even published it somewhere.

I really doubt it would fit, the KH 26er “extra wide” is the same width as the KH 24 to allow for a 3" DH tire (2.75") plus max 1/2" to either side, so 3.75 or so.

The Larry is that wide on its own and you’d still need some mud clearance.

FoI tried a GAzz on a Nimbus 26er and it fit fine, but I think it was 3-3.25" so quiet a bit narrower than a Larry.

Are you thinking of doing a guni LM with a Larry?

I think someone tried that and it didn’t go well, i.e. maybe Larry has a speed limit :wink:

Triton would be a solution. But expensive. The LM should fit the KH26 frame but definitely not the Larry. I can hardly fit a Gazzaloddi 26x3 in there.

Ordered one from UDC UK