Kh 24

I have a KH 24 for sale - $400 OBO

it is standard out of the box - KH seat, moment cranks, oddessy pedals and duro wildlife 3" tire with reasonable tread.

No brakes, but there is a brake mounting ‘plate’ on the frame.

it has reasonable wear and tear but is in overall good shape with no mechanical issues.

I’m selling because I just haven’t used it in several years and someone else should enjoy it.

I’m in VA, we can split the shipping, provided it’s CONUS. Local to within a couple hours drive would be preferable.


Wow, lots of views! Adjusting price to $350 OBO… I know someone must want this muni ! hit me up



Hi Steve!

I’ve been in the market for a KH24 for a LONG time now but cannot afford to buy new. Can you tell me what year yours is, and possibly post some pictures?

I will say right off the bat I can’t pay $350.00 because I will need to spend $100.00 on a disc brake system as well, but I live in Wheeling, WV and I don’t mind driving a little ways.

Let me know what you think.



Do you have photos of the unicycle? Also, is it disk brake compatible?

Lowpine, please check your private messages. Thanks!

Lowpine, I’m ready to buy! :smiley: I sent you a personal message. Please call my cell. Thanks.

Lowpine, where are you? I want to buy your muni! If you already sold it, please erase this thread.

Hey guys, I apologize for snoozing out on the thread, I didn’t get much of an initial response… anyway, the muni is still available. It does have a mount for brakes.

I’ve since swapped out the pedals, so some cheapies are on there currently. I can put the oddessys back on or do a price adjustment of $25, either way is fine with me.

let me know if you guys are still interested, I’ll do a better job of monitoring.


Awesome, Steve! I’m definitely interested. I’ll send you a private message.

there was a question about the age and use of the muni…I’ve had the uni a while, 07ish, but it’s only seen a couple years use. I had an injury in 09ish and it’s been sitting around since, if that matters.

Lowpine, I looked into shipping across the country. It was more than I thought. Very sorry, but I’m going to wait for a muni to be posted for sale closer to California.

It’s an awesome muni! If only we lived closer…

no worries, shipping ain’t what it used to be, it can add a considerable cost… So KH24 is still availble, local or regional sale preferred. I’m willing to roadtrip a bit to make it happen…


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