KH 24" Wheel Set for sale

KH 24" Wheel Set. Splined axle, Splined 170 Cranks, Alex DX 32 double walled alloy rim, 14g spokes and a 24"x3.0" Duro tire that has very little wear. It is in excellent shape and has not been abused, no high drops. I am selling this for $200.00 including shipping.

is there a reason you’re selling it that we should know about? also, does it have those hubs that “bite your ankles”?


The reason that I am selling it is because I bought a KH 24 for the frame with brake mounts and I mounted my Profile Wheel set. Now I have a KH Wheel set for sale and may be selling my Steve Howard frame. I figured that someone might want to upgrade their unicycle with a splined hub. doesn’t have any of these wheel sets in stock at the moment.

Yes it does. You should be wearing high tops or some form of ankle protection with these.

DudleyDoRide, check your p.m. please:)

Wheel set

Is this wheel set sold? If not, I’m interested.

I am very interested in the Steve Howard frame.

i am too, my buddy is looking exactly that ! cause he has a frame and everything else.

Elmer, I sent you a P.M. I’m giving you first shot at the wheel.

ChangingLink you need to P.M. me for more info.


I still haven’t sold my wheel, but I have P.M.'d a few that were showing some interest and have not replied.

If any of you are tired of bending tapered cranks, here is your chance to upgrade to a splined hub. This wheel has seen very little use, and can handle lots of abuse.


KH wheelset

Dudle Do Ride: If you’ll PM me your address, I’ll send you a check tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Sold for real!

OK, this time it’s actually happening. I have a brother-in-law who’s going to get a really nice present! So DudleyDoRide,please just confirm that you got my P.M.

Hey Elmer, I got your PM. Lets close this deal. Looks like the wheel is sold.