KH 24 upgrades

Ive just recently bought a KH 24, couldd anyone list some possible upgrades such as losing some of the weight?



Re: KH 24 upgrades

Oooh, so tempting, I can’t stand it, arrgh, I have to do it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, use the Atkins diet.:smiley:

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I’m bad and I know it sniffle…

is there any cool decals or stickers(flames ect.) that would make it look cooler?

yes, but those add weight

Speaking of losing weight, I’m doing just that.

I have been riding the unicycle tons, plus doing one of the low carb eatting plans. I am not doing Atkins, but “Sugar Busters!” In just 6 weeks, I have SHRUNK from 267 pounds to 238 pounds.

One side benefit of the weigth loss, my hop height has increase from 3 inches to a whopping 3.5 inches. :smiley: --chirokid–