Kh 24 Schlumpf


It’s time to face reality and sell my schlumpf. I purchased this last year as a 29er and relaced into a 24 using an Alex dx32 rim.

The hub was brand new in 2011 and saw very little use from the previous owner as well as the second owner. I probably put around 200 miles on it.

It has been well cared for and oiled periodically. I have a few syringes of schlumpf oil, the original manual, tools, and a spare button as well as crank bolts. I also have the original schlumpf ball cap and bumper sticker.

I still have the 29er rim, a Kris Holm xc, along with the halo twin rail tire I was using.

I’ll post up some pics tonight.

I’m open to offers.

Thanks !

What is the serial number on the hub? I’m interested depending on price? Look forward to seeing some current photographs.



I wouldn’t even know what to offer, but consider me interested depending on price as well. Definitely would like to see some pics. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, sorry it took a while to get some pics. I was at work and my uni is at home!

Anyways, here are some pics and a few more details:

I also have the original black KH seat clamp, as well as the black saddle bumpers.

There are 5 total tubes of schlumpf grease, all completely full which should last you a long time.

The current wheel is setup tubeless using the split tube method, I’ll throw in a spare tube.

The frame is a 2014 KH, the tire looks nearly new. Cranks are 150mm moments, saddle is a modified Nimbus Gel (flattened and channeled like a KH street). Pedals are Odyssey Twisted PC’s, I have the original metal Odyssey pedals as well if you want them.






As seen in the pics, serial number is M0399 and the original owner had an inscription done “D Wurster”.

This is pretty much as complete a kit as it would be if you bought one from Florian tomorrow. I even have to original shop ticket from when the first owner had the wheel laced by a local bike shop.

I’m asking $1800 shipped to CONUS.


Hi Killian,

I am currently on vacation with my family so I am going to sit on the sidelines and look at this more closely when I return. Next in line for the time being. Looks like a nice setup!



That’s an excellent uni, Killian. Thanks for the pictures. Unfortunately it’s a bit outside my budget, but I’ll keep my eye on this topic and see what happens with it.

I might buy a lotto ticket tonight and get lucky. :slight_smile:

No worries guys. I’m always open to offers as well.

I didn’t mention previously but it should be obvious from the pics that this uni also has a Magura HS33 brake setup on it.



1700 shipped.

What a deal… someone jump on that! I already have a Schlumpf that is collecting dust, I dont need a second one :stuck_out_tongue:

If it was still set up as a 29er I’d buy this right away. Ah, I’m torn.

You know you want it. :slight_smile:

These hubs retail for ~1500 bucks. Add to that another roughly ~600 bucks for the rest of the uni and you’re well over two grand.

I’m open to offers as well.

Still no takers? Help me fund a new project.

You say your open to offers

What is the lowest you would go on this uni?




Up up up.