KH 24, or Profile Yuni?

im not sure which to buy? what is the difference between the KH 8-spline and the profile? is it big enough to warrant spending the $200 extra for the profile Yuni, or does the KH 24 just come with better parts? Which is the better buy? input is greatly appreciated.

Re: KH 24, or Profile Yuni?

Hey I-Ninja,

The KH has quality bearing holders and a quality frame.
The Nimbus doesn’t.
The Nimbus has extensively tested and warranteed cranks and hub.
The KH doesn’t.

I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it.


haha you thought id be helpful! im just going to put in writing what i just told you. buy the kh. youre not going to destroy the 8 spline kh hub very fast, so the yunis only advantage is null. plus the kh is cheaper!

go with the yuni

i got a yuni with profiles and its worked wonders with me , if ya got the cash u mise well get profiles and get the warantee along with it.