KH 24 or build w/ Profile?

What are people’s thoughts on the KH24? I’m either buying one and throwing my Fireball on it, or I’m going to build a nII/Profile setup with an Alex rim.

if you had ankle problems with a profile, I would recommend you avoid the KH’s at all costs (if you are talking about the new ones). Also, If you build it from parts, it can be very reasonable. I think about 500 plus shipping if you build the wheel yourself/have a friend build it.

I have a pair of Six Six One + Ankle biters. Not too concerned with beating up my ankles. I own a carbon fiber / air Miyata seat with a Reeder handle that will go directly into a Yuni frame. I already have a Dyno Fireball for my unicycle. Basically I would be buying spokes, Alex rim, Profile hubs + cranks, tube, and pedals. This can be done for cheaper than my cost on a KH 24.

that’s why i say buy the profiles.

Understood. Just trying to see if anyone wants to argue with that.

nii/profile, is definatlygood, its tried and tested

the fireball looks nice, if only they made a mod version.

one day i’ll get a 24x3 too, but i just don’t need one right now.

just a thought but…
i’d be tempted to build it around a kh hub because i’m a cheapskate.
kh hub $121 vs profile hub $209
kh cranks $77 vs profile cranks $99
should fit a nimbus ii frame.
the bearings are suposed to be 43mm or something but the nii frame has a lot of tolerance in the bearing holders, ask someone with access to both hubs to try it out.

profiles are nicer but its worth looking at the options.
and you get a better choice of crank length with the profiles

like you say “go Profile”

plus you live like right next door to them practicly.ditto on that funky bearing size.

I can grab cranks + hubs for around $250 I’m assuming.
$250 for cranks + hubs
$41 Alex rim
$18 for spokes
$10 for a tube
$56 spent on Fireball
$44 on frame
$28 on Snafu pedals
already have a carbon fiber/air Miyata

Sitting under $500 shipped. Dad’s building my wheel.