KH 24 or build w/ Profile?


The link above is an earlier thread with photos and some early impressions of my KH24 MUni.
I’ve been riding it alot since then and it just gets better and better.
The items that I changed out were mainly comfort items (air seat, adjustable seat post with adapter bracket, my Shimano pedals and a Gazz.) that I’ve just gotten used to and didn’t want to do without. Both of my MUnis ( also have a 26" Hunter w/Profiles) are set up the same way and I like the uniformity.
The MUni to me seems bombproof. I can’t see myself ever breaking or damaging the hub or cranks. They are huge! The frame gets knocked around quite a bit on the trails and it hasn’t missed a beat.
There is no offset on the cranks like on the Profiles. It is very obvious to the eye but I am not conscious of it on the trail. I guess I just place my foot a bit further out on the pedal without thinking about it. I wear high top hiking style boots on the trails so I’ve never had any ankle bites.
The transmission of power from the pedals to the wheel is very direct and positive. I notice no flex and aside from the difference in offset, things feel very much like the Profile.
It is a great climber and I feel very much in control and confident while picking my lines.
The frame is made from 4130 chromoly and has a nice black powder coat finish. The bearing holders are machined and secure with no wobble or play. The seat tube fits a 27.2 post so if you want, you’ve got lots of options there. It looks great too!

Things to consider:
I removed the cranks because they were creaking a bit. I noticed the splines were dry. I cleaned them up and slathered on a fresh application of anti-seize and it is as quiet as can be. (That stuff is great). I would do this as soon as possible, as it doesn’t seem to be sent out that way.
The KH Saddle is a very good off the shelf saddle. I agree with the reviews here that it is the best production saddle you can get. That being said, I have become accustomed to and really like a Miyata conversion air saddle and see no reason to go back.
The stock Wellgo pedals are good, I use them on another uni. But again, I love the Shimano DX pedals, they are sealed, have removable pins and well, I just like ‘em.
I’m just into higher end stuff from my many years as a road bike racer and a mountainbike rider. Old habits are hard to break and I guess I’m sort of an equipment snob :smiley:
If you want to add brakes, you can pick up a pair (front and rear)of Maguras on ebay for less than what charges. So find a friend to go in for halves and save some dough.
The bearing size is a 20mm I.D. with a 42mm O.D. This is a standard size bearing, 6004zz, just not standard to unis. (I think the Onza splined hub has a 42mm O.D. bearing as well). If you want to put a profile hub on this uni, you’ll have to have a shim made to pick up the difference, but, I don’t believe the stock hub is in any danger of failure. I’m 6’-0" tall and 190lbs. and I feel very secure on this set up.

In closing:
In my opinion, you can’t go wrong. $449.00 U.S. for all this MUni is really hard to believe. You’ll love it.

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It does work as a cut and paste though.