kh 24-inch freeride muni

can i use the kh 24-inch freeride muni for trials and muni i think it would be one of the best unis for it it only was a little more then the 20-in and it soots me better

im arsking the same question please help me and matt99 all

that’s what i did for a while w/ my KH24 and it works fine

i eventually got a KH 20 as well :slight_smile: both 2005 models

but ya it’s an awesome all-around muni/uni :slight_smile:

It works just fine.
I’ve only got a KH24" Freeride and I trial with it.

The first time I jumped 24" was on a KH Freeride, so trial is possible on it, I prefer using my 20" for that though, 26-27" on the 20".
If you’re getting a KH Freeride you should get a normal seat post and not the rail adapter, it fecks up after a while. The KH frame is a very strong and light frame so you won’t have to worry about taking all the weight up with trials.


P.S. Get a Koxx1 clamp

I started with a cheap 24" Muni and used it for trials alot, then i got a 20" trials, then i sold the Muni and bought a KH FR. It’s a much better Muni, and I think that it would work well for trials. The seatpost is working fine for me, but it is heavier than a more standard design, for trials it woudn’t be so great though as it’s tricky to hold SIF, you might want to consider getting a normal post and removing the rail adaptor if you do trials alot.

You can use any 24" for trials.

The KH is strong and light and good.