KH 24 freeride vs. Onza, Yuni, Qu-Ax 24's!!!

Ok, I am 6.3 and 210lbs and was thinking about getting a Muni… But the KH 24 freeride has 150mm cranks and didn’t know if that was going to be good, since I am so tall. The Onza has 165mm and the Qu-Ax 24 has 170mm which would prob be better for climbing hills I think. Do you think one of these would be better for a first time rider? On none of the Muni I am looking at say what length seat post they have (is there a set size that I don’t know about)??

Let’s not forget about the Yuni 24 or 26 that have the lifetime warranty on the Profile Hub’s. I wouldn’t mind getting one of these rides, but are they worth the money. I haven’t seen much talk on here about Yuni…

Please give me some of your info and experience…


Well, if money isn’t an issue, then I would get the Yuni. Mainly because of the life time warranty on the hub. But you have little to worry about strength wise, all of them have very strong wheelsets. The short cranks of the KH won’t really matter, because you can ask for the longer ones any way (I think). I am not really sure about the seat post, but a lot of uni’s come with freakishly long seat posts that you can just widdle down to fit you right.

In conclusion, they will all work for you well. But if you have the money why not get the nice profiled yuni or the KH. I hope this helped

May I ask is this your first uni? Or just your first Muni?


That is incorrect. The KH 24 freeride has 165mm cranks. The KH 24 XC has 150mm cranks.

There is no rule of seat post length–I’m sure if you contact UDC, they’d be glad to make sure you get a long enough seat post.

I think any of the munis you mention would be fine. I have a KH 24 freeride, and it’s great.

I have been a clown for 3 years and have been using a 24" Street Uni.

this would be my first Muni. most be wrong then, the freestyle on there site says 150mm… Anyway I just wanted to ask if me being 6.3 would make a diff in Crank size. Is the weight of the uni a big big deal. What about the new powder coat they can put on the frame won’t is chip-off is it worth it ??..

Thanks for the reply…

UDC will norm let you choose your crank size at no extra charge, but go for the KH.

why settle for anything less? don’t you deserve it? :wink:

UDC will let you choose crank size. personally I say go with the KH because the hub and cranks are still very strong, and it has a lighter/stronger frame than the Yuni. also, if your not sure about seatpost length, order a really long one and have a bike shop cut off the extra.


Sweet if they let you have what ever crank size then I am all over the KH freestyle…

Now do I really want a 24" or a 26"… the Yuni make the 26 and it has the Profile’s with Lifetime…

I know about it being more weight and the bigger tire makes it easier to go over the rough stuff. The 24 with long crank will help for up hills…but with 175mm on a 26 would help too… I am going back and forth because I have never rode a muni or have anyone around my area to try one out. Would either work fine or is one better for a beginner muni rider…remember I can ride a 24 street with (152mm cranks, I think)…

Please more discussion…but this is a big one

Thanks A lot

I’m in the minority here, I’m sure, but I ride a 26" with 175s and a 2.6 Gazz tire, and I really like the setup. I’m about the same size as you (6’2" and 205 lbs). And depending on what you’re going to be doing, you may not be needing the strenghth of the profiles (or even the KH)–I’m not overly aggressive in my riding, but do some trials-ish stuff (hopping, drops up to 30") on a muni with a hardened Suzue hub and square-taper cranks. It’s been going strong for over 6 years now. When it finally breaks (as I’m sure it will), I’ll probably bump up to a beefier wheelset, but I’m not sure that I’ll go down to a 24" setup (my frame’ll hold a 24x3 or a 26x2.6). But I gotta say that I love the light weight of my muni right now–it feels like a feather compared to my son’s 06 DX.

Speaking of weight… I’ve got a 24" Qu-Ax muni. It is super heavy compared to my dad’s 24" KH Freeride. It’s all what you’re used to…

As for what to get, you really cannot go wrong with a KH. Go for the Freeride. You’ll get a nice beefy 3" tire, 165mm cranks and the same bulletproof wheelset. Some people don’t like the long cranks because they make their legs move too much. With practice you’ll get used to it, but it seems to be less of an issue for longer legged people. I know the 170s on my Qu-Ax feel normal to me now, and the 150s on my dad’s old learner 24" feel tiny. I’d rather get used to moving my legs more and have more hill climbing power, but to each his own.

I think I lost my point somewhere in there, but I hope this helps your decision a little.

if you want do do more trialsy MUni, with more hopping up rocks, you want a 24". if you are doing longer distance more rolling MUni with a little hopping but not very much, you want a 26. and if you are doing cross country muni with pretty much only rolling you want the KH 29er.


All of you have great points. I now have something to really think. I know what ever I get there will be a learning curve. So I don’t want to think to deep about what size to get… I just need to get one and head out to the trails…

Thanks Guys…

pretty much, if you are gonna do something with jumps and stuff go for the freeride, if not go for the 26er

im getting the freeride, so i can do some jumping

just try out a freeride, I have one and they are perfect for everything. The only reason why i would say not to get a freeride is because you are 6ft 3" on a 24", but i think it will be fine. When i got my KH uni the seatpost was almost up to my shoulder so for a 6.3 person it will work out good.

I still would like to know about the new powder coat they can put on the frame won’t it chip-off. Is it worth it ??..

Just want your $.02

Thanks Again…