KH 24 frame in the RSU auction house

i have put my KH frame up for auction.

click here to see the auction page

Man…total_uni’s gonna be pissed! :roll_eyes:

yeah,well i never really belived him anyway. 13 year olds dont have much money but feel free to ask mommy Total_uni and its yours…:stuck_out_tongue:


do u have some brakes to go with it?

if its not in the pic then its probobly a good sign as to what all is for sale…so no i dont have any brakes to “go” with it.

do you have any money to “go” with it?


I don’t think you understand the conept of selling stuff. How would you respond if I said to you that I might buy one of your BC wheels, but only as long as you have a new profile hub to go along with it.

i will buy the frame

but i have to eran the money

yes i have money to go with the brakes

get a loan from mama and make a bid…

i dont get it jag…

why make fun of some body when they are going to buy something from you? they might not want to buy it from you any more?

no i dont want the frame any more

have a great time trying sell it…:smiley:

HAHAhahahahahaha…I can’t wait to see Jag’s reaction. I’m sure he’s gonna be distraught.

i wasnt making fun of you, i just know you dont have any money and were poluting my thread with false interest. i would never sell it to you anyway kid.

why would you never sell it to me?
i have the money i am just really lazy.
how much for the frame and breaks?