KH 24 for sale

Hi all,
I’ve got a 2007 KH 24 that I’m reluctantly letting go. Bought it last winter and rode it muni for about two months before neck troubles set in (from old mt. bike injury). It’s time I faced the harsh reality that I can’t ride like I want. It’s never taken any big jumps (i’m a big sissy. plus I have with little ones). In short, it has led a very easy life and is essentially new. All stock except for upgraded Thompson seat post to fit my long legs. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, just send me a PM if you’re interested as I don’t remember to check here as often as I should. $400 (about $600 new with upgrade). Pics available, plus refs. for prior sales.
Nugly in Ohio


consider it sold pending promising pics :stuck_out_tongue:

PM me again with email address for pics.
I don’t have a way to attach through server here.

sent. (if you still have the original seatpost plz include that instead…I’m short, lol)

lol if hes including a tompson take it and saw it to size! If you read round the forums you’ll see that they are the prefered post that most muni/distamce riders use.

thanks brendan. I’ll do that. I was just curious because I’m lazy and dont have a saw. I’m sure my bike shop guys will do it for me.

just fyi…great guy to do business with. Good communication and response time/etc…A+++ lol.

I concur. Bought his 36" nimbus and it is fantastic!

I’ll buy for 200-300$$$$