KH 24" For sale

I have decided to sell my KH 24" because it isn’t getting enough use and i figure someone should be riding it, even if i arn’t.

So here is the deal if you are in new zealand or austrailer and you are interested in getting this unicycle off me it will cost you $1000NZ plus shipping.

It is a KH 24" with 24X3 gazza, cycle computer and magurea breaks!

This unicycle is so new that the little rubber stringy bits that stick out of the tire havn’t even worn out yet!

This is a massive BARGEN! All up this unicycle has cost me around $1500 so to get it in MINT condition for 1000 is an awsome deal!

Please pm me if you are interested!


i really want to live in new zealand right now

how much in USD is 1000NZ money

$1US is $1.48NZ. About $675US

haha, no kidding dude, That is one decked out muni. I dont wanna have to wait till friggin march for US to get the KH24s back in stock. Why does it take them SO LONG??? I want one now. :angry:

If you are from another country and desperatly want this unicycle then i will ship it to you aslong as you pay all the shipping and insurance for it to be shiped.

Hey James, what size cranks have you got on that thing? Are they the 2003 or 2004 models?

Would you wanna sell the brakes and/or the cycle computer seperately?


It is a 2003 model with the standard sized cranks. Sorry dude but the uni comes as is, i don’t want to sell the items seperatly sorry.

I have decided to list my unicycle on if u want to bid on it feel free. if u have any questions send me a mp!

Well, I would definitely have bought your KH24 in December (I bought my 2004 model new for $1050 - you wouldn’t have to pay $1500 for your type of setup these days!).

Actually, I think you’re gonna find yourself stuggling to get a tripple figure for it. I’ll ask around at the juggling festival on Friday for you if you like. One of my mates is after a MUni but I think he’s looking more in the region of $400-$600.


don’t forget that your muni is probably stock, mine has about $500 worth of extra stuff on it.

Thanks for asking around too, it would be a massive help!

Price is down to $800 nz, i NEED to sell this uni!

This is the link on

Try in the buy/sell section. Usually works for me. Make sure you insert a link to show your KH specs.

You wouldn’t believe how long these things take, when you are involved in the industry. As a product developer, the process is usually:

  1. I send designs to the manufacturer in Taiwan
  2. They make a sample (several weeks wait) and ship it (another several weeks wait)
  3. The sample usually isn’t perfect, and I send back the required changes. If it’s really wrong then I’m back to square one, and have to do it again.
  4. Finally everything is tweaked properly and can place an order. It usually takes the manufacturer around 2 months to fill an order, plus or minus.
  5. Then it’s shipped from Taiwan which takes another month, plus a few days with customs hassles.

Now do you see why it takes so long? Believe me I’d try to make it shorter if possible but it’s hard to do!