KH 24 for sale.

KH MUNI 24". Good shape. Never really used off road. Learned to ride over lunch hours at work. Scuffs on grab handles and ends of pedals only. Mounts for Maguras included and also a pair of brakes (not mounted).

Purchased last spring. Not enough free time for me to improve. Need to free up some money for winter expenses.

$400 or best offer. Will be out of computer contact between the 10th and 20th. Will reply after the 21st. Pictures to follow.

it would be good to know witch year… so witch year?

I’ll buy your brakes if they’re Magura.

1, Pictures
2, year and model etc
3, where?

That’s reasonable if the brakes are Maguras, but remember that KHs are about $400 NEW.

KH sale

It is a 2007 I believe, moment 150 cranks , 2 seatposts. One railed post with rail adaptor and brake handle the other is standard mount with brake handle.
Located in North Carolina USA.
I think I attatched 3 images.

additional image

I hope this image will show up.

another image (again)

lets try this:

ill give you 300, how much is shipping?

is it still for sale? Has the price gone down?

PM sent

I realize you’re going to be out of touch until October 20th, so how about this:

We are driving from Knoxville to the Outer Banks for vacation, via Asheville-Greensboro-Raleigh. We will pass through North Carolina on Saturday, October 18th and again on October 25-26.

If we could arrange to meet, that would save on shipping charges.

The best way to reach me is by e-mail: bkadas ‘at’ bellsouth ‘dot’ net

I will buy this uni from you, so all we need to do is arrange a meeting time and place.

I will check email daily. You can also reach me on my daughter’s cell phone: 865-696-9563.


Ben Kadas


Thanks Erik, Alex will be loving that new ride!

is it still for sale? could i bid higher?

It says ‘SOLD’. Please try not to dig up old threads, unless you have a good reason to :slight_smile:

why dont people close threads once they sell something T.T