KH 24 disk brake mod.

Below is the link to my gallery showing the disk brake mods I did to my 04 KH 24. I had to go with an 8" rotor in order to for the caliper body to clear the spokes. The frame is not painted yet, it is just sand blasted. I am actually thinking of painting it a similar colour however since it seems so good in silver. The bearing caps are home made as I felt the frame needed stronger ones. I mounted the brake on the right side because I jump to the left.


Looks awesome. I think you should keep it that plain silvery grey colour, it looks good. When you take it for a ride, let us know how she handles and such.

Very impressive, let us know how it holds up:)

That looks great!

I’m the guy that put a disc brake on a Coker and I know what you mean about the clearance between the caliper body and spokes. I started out with an Avid mechanical disc that just barely cleared the spokes, then eventually switched it with an IRC Dual Banger mechanical. It has better clearance with a 160mm rotor.

I’m curious about your hub. Did you drill and tap a stock KH hub then use a spacer to mount the rotor?

As for color: silver looks pretty good … but really … everything looks better red.


Thanks all for the praise. I wasn’t sure what kinda response to expect, being that “you don’t need an 8” rotor on a muni".

Showard, If you look carefully at the third picture in my gallery, all the way to the right and just over half way down you can just see the adapter that I made. Yes I did drill and tap the stock KH hub. I simply made a bolt circle in between that of the rotor bolt circle. As you figured out, I screwed the adapter to the hub and then screwed the rotor to the adapter. I saw your Koker, nice job indeed. I was wandering how you got those clearances. I could not even get the Avid mechanical to clear the spokes with the 8" rotor!!! I initially used an early Magura Louise single piston hydraulic caliper. It allowed a 160 rotor with scads of clearance. Unfortunately, when I finished the whole setup the brake had ingested air or developed a leak. Since I had heard that Louise’s had such a reputation I decided to abandon it and move onto something new. Too bad really, because it was so compact and light and likely not as powerful as the new systems, which would have fit the bill just perfect.

I can’t wait to give it a good run. I have only tried it on the ramp in my underground parking lot. The pads are not even bedded in yet. The truth is, I do not really need a brake all that much for the terrain that I ride ( Eastern Ontario, Canada). Funny thing is when I was in Tahoe for the Cali Muni weekend, my Magura HS33 broke a line. On the first day no less. That is when I really needed a brake. Needless to say I had no (working) brake for the rest of the weekend. But I know I am just a whinner, since there were lots of riders that did not even have brakes at all (weird people). I did this more for the sake of doing it. I like doing things like this. Unfortunately, the time and machine availability are not always there.

I will definately post a performance review as soon as I can. I hope to have the frame painted ( maybe silver ) soon. There is lots of snow here now so finding steep hills is not all that easy. I did ride down a tabogan hill last year though.


That’s one of the most beautiful munis I’ve ever seen, I love the colour as it is too. Please let us know how it rides. Good thinking putting the disk on the side you hop from rather than to.


Thanks Andrew,

I hope that I did not make a mistake. I liked the silver colour too. But today when I took the frame in to be powder coated I saw all the beautiful colours on the sample board and went with my original choice or yellow. I know it will look good either way.
It was such a hard decision. One should not have to make such decisions in life.
The guys at the shop did not make it any easier as they kept teasing me with more colours every time I thought I had made up my mind. I must have walked around the shop ten times looking at different colours that they were running before I just through my hands up in the air and said paint it yellow.

I have not ridden all December. This Thursday is our first club meeting since November. I made the guys at the powder coating shop promiss that the frame will be ready by Wednesday at the very latest. Unfortunately, the gym that we ride in has no steep slopes to that I can test out the brakes with. Oh well.