kh 24 breaks. possible? chuccccckkk norrrisss.

what do you prefer? the chuck or the norris? one word answers only none of that “chuck sucks” or “f*ck chuck” or “your a dummy”

i went into the city for a uni-meet the other day with a few mates, and it turned out to be a great day (not that i thought it wouldnt be good).

At one point in the day we were riding around lookin for good spots to take over on the unis :stuck_out_tongue: , and as we were looking for this spot, a random 30 y.o lady came up and started asking about our unis and all that (talking in a very tripped out stoned accent) she then proceeded to ask for a try, after finding out that she couldnt ride it at all, she walks away and started blessing the sky and the gods for giving her the opportunity to ride a unicycle!! We just thought that she was another random scummer lady who smoked way to much and took to many drugs so we proceeded on looking. another mate trailing behind looking for us, went past the lady, she called him ova, and started giving him her phone number so that he would call her and give her a lesson to ride the uni at $15 an hour. We could all tell that she wasnt the kind of lady u would trust so we kind of kept walking and kept our distance from her and her boyfriend (who was also in the same state as her)

wat i guess i am trying to say, is that i think u mite be the perfect mate for her, u are 65 or wateva from wat ur age says (not sure its true) but it sounds like u r the kind of annoying person who should just dissapear like a ghost!!


What the heck?

Were’s the rep system when you need it…

yeah it mite have sounded harsh…

wen he started going on about chuck norris i had a laugh coz its all pretty funny, but it has gotten to the point where, there are random stupid comments about chuck norris evrywhere…

kinda annoying if u ask me