KH 24 (2010) w/HS33

I’m thinking of selling my KH24 with HS33.

I’ve had it for coming on exactly a year and in that time felt that I was slowly longing for more speed and so bought a KH29 - my 24’s felt forlorn and unloved since then, anyone want to give it a good home?

As it stands currently it’s as follows:
-2010 KH24
-Duro 24x3" - Still got a lot of life left in it.
-Magura HS33 (2009) in black 10" crossover - Very good condition, minor rubbing on cylinders - bled properly with mineral oil not water… I’ll check the pads and if they look significantly worn I’ll throw new ones in too.
-KH Spooner - Perfect condition
-Re-spoked a few months ago with KH black SS 14g as the others were being noisy.
-Gusset PCPs, smoke - Bearings good, scuffs on ends - original metal ones included as well.

It’s in the middle :wink: The pic is a few months old now (but I basically haven’t really ridden it since I got my KH29 so not much has changed!)

I’m throwing around £375 in my mind - any interest this close to Christmas?