KH 24" 2007, Torker DX 20" and Kris Holm Percussion Leg Armour (L)

As title says for sale are a 2007 KH 24", Torker DX 20" and Kris Holm Percussion Leg Armour size large.

The torker has a new seatpost and the seat has been upgraded to a KH fusion street. The 24" has some scratches on the frame due to general wear and tear as does the torker but only cosmetic.

Asking $650 for the lot or make an offer for a seperate item. Im situated in Australia, you pay shipping. Pm for more details, cheers.

where abouts in Australia are you??

interested in leg armour pictures and how much.

im on the central coast which is about 1hr north of sydney

i will not be able to post pictures for a few days due to work so PM me an offer

what size a person would ft into the leg armour?

theres a sizing chart right there

hey, interested in buying the 24" KH

is it a muni?
and if not, cud i fit a muni tire on it?



Can you post a photo of the torker dx?

can you send me a picture of the 24"?

is a muni? and if not cuz i fit a muni tire on it

im willing to pay $280 - $320 for the 24"

pics please?


Here are those photos you wanted

That top pic looks like an insane amount of clearance between the tire and crown. Is that just the angle or do all Torker DX 20s have that much clearance? I’ve got one of the older model DX 20s and have nowhere near that much room. I also have a DX 24 in the same style as your 20, also with not even close to as much room between the tire and crown.

Yeah there is a fair bit of tyre clearance however it has never impacted me as I can do all the things I can do on my KH 20 as on my Torker although the KH is much much nicer.

thats a 24" frame. same thing though.

no it isnt…

tyre is abit dirty but in near new condition, minor rubbing on the right hand side of the frame, usual crank and pedal scratches but otherwise all good.

how much for the torker dx

sold, sorry mate

how much would you sell the kh for.

has the KH muni sold yet??

no it has not, still for sale