KH 20inch crank click???

I’ve been having trouble with my right crank arm clicking every now and then.
I was given instruction to take it to a bike shop. So I did, and it helped for awhile, but the clicking came back again. So replaced the wheelset for me, and as it turns out, this one has a little click in the right crank also.

Uhhg, what do I do? Will this click eventualy turn into something worse and damage my uni? Or is it nothing to worry about? Has anyone else ran into this problem with the KH trials?

I have the same problem. I thought it was the spokes but your explaination is better.



If you have the splined KH crank set then most likely what you are experiencing is a creaking sound that many splined hub/cranks seem to have when the spline shafts are dry. Even the Profile hubs have this problem. The creaking started on my KH24 on around the 5th or 6th ride.

Fortunately the solution is very simple. All you have to do is go to an auto parts store like NAPA and purchase some Anti-Sieze lubricant. I used the ‘copper anti-seize’ (NAPA brand). It comes in a small tube and only costs a couple of dollors (USD). Remove your cranks and add some anti-sieze to the shaft, slide your crank arm back on, tighen it up and that’s that. I haven’t heard any creaking since. One little tube should last you a lifetime. Good luck.



When I was building up my trials bike, I was told that it was almost impossible to keep splined hubs(bottom brackets for bikes) from creaking all the time. I have also heard that grease on the splines help but I haven’t tried it yet.

not profile EVEN does it, profile ESPECIALLY does it. unless you can feel movement it’s probably fine. just make sure it’s all tight.

well its not realy the creaking that i’m having trouble with, I was told that was normal, eventhough it would be great to get rid of it. I think I might try that anti-sieze.
But there is a little clicking noise, it sounds like a little tink, and I can feel it in the right crank arm only.

Have you got a spare pair of pedals? It might be pedals, you can put a different pair of pedals on to check.


All you have to do is buy an alan key with a really long handle (so u get loads of torque), put it in the hole and stand on the handle. You can sometimes get a full revolution tighter. This seems to work.

I have 170mm profiles and they started a bit of clicking almost immediately. I am going to try the anti-seize method as soon as I can be bothered pulling it to bits. Initially I thought it could be the pedals too, or the bearing caps done up too tight, so I put an old pair of pedals on and loosened the bearing holders a bit, and the clicking continued. I read lots of threads about creaking cranks, and I wondered if the clicking I could hear was what everyone else was describing as creaking. My right crank seems to be the culprit too and I suspected it could be something to do with having the spider thing ground off. Maybe it doesn’t fit quite as snug as the left one. The reason I suspect it is because the right one comes off so easy and the left one feels like it is welded on. I will be able to anti-seize the right one but I am not quite sure how I will go about taking the left crank off to apply the copper muck. It would be nice to do them both at once, which is why I have hesitated to do it so far. Someone said in another thread that it is a small price to pay to listen to a creaking sound compared to having something thats not going to snap or bend on you. I agree with that but it’s still annoying to hear the click. About forcefully tightening it, I don’t see how that would help, but I could be wrong since I am not speaking from experience. I do not want to risk damaging the threads. A regular allen key done up tight should hold everything in place. As long as theres no crank looseness/movement then apparently the clicking causes no damage.

Wow, i just got on my KH20 and found it to squeek. I know its not the pedals because it does it when i WW. I think it is the spokes now. Tell me how the lube works SpeeedyJ.


funny noizes i can handle, bent cranks i cant.

I have not bent my crank but this noice is driving me CRAZY.


grease on splines

I greased up my splines really good and tightened the cranks down tightly and no more creaking!

when i said “funny noises i can handle, bent cranks i can’t”
i meant that you should all count yourselves lucky youve got decent cranks.

my trials unicycle squeeks and click like a dolphin(or something)
most of this comes from the realy badly built wheel, but some of it is the profile cranks, everyone knows that profiles are noisy but its not harmful, i wouldnt worry about it unless someone actualy breaks a set.

Re: grease on splines

But i dont have a splines hub, will it still work?


Re: Re: grease on splines

I presume you have a KH20 with a square taper hub like the suzue?

Either way, if it squeaks when wheelwalking it’s almost certainly the spokes; my muni used to squeak, that was the spokes.

Get them tightened…


Sometimes a “tink” sound is your shoelace tip hitting the crank. Check it out! :sunglasses:

sounds like the pedal-bearings are going.

A creak will be the hub. A high pitched creak/ping type sound is the spokes and any clicks etc are usually pedal bearings.

Yeah, I just got mine, and it does the same thing. It’s not even a week old. If I walk it without being on it, it still clicks… I haven’t tried to grease the crank yet. I’ll let you know how that works.

Re: Re: Re: grease on splines

I’ll try that. But now that I have worked my KH20 in, when I idle with my right foot, i heard the creek, along with the spokes shifting.