KH 2010 lineup - details and info are here

Just Wondering

Im riding a 20’ torker starter unicycle, and it’s not the most high quality peice of equipment. How much would the KH 2010 parts cost if you bought it complete?

NZ should be getting most of this stuff or some within the next couple of weeks. But We’ve just had our new site go live so we’re missing a lot of pics

Sweet, the new parts look good.

Have you upgraded every thing the same for the double crown to ( like the 30% thicker and what not) because I am planning to buy one in the near future and I’m super stoked, they by far are my favourite looking frames:):):slight_smile:

Nice Job Kris as usual !

I copied the link from these pages on the French forum :


Awesome Kris! What’s the new “Double Pin” in the seatposts?

Great upgrades once again!

I wonder if I could order just the foam for the new street saddle as a replacement for the freeride 09 foam?

I’m also curious about the light green seat cover. Is it a similar green as the very good looking Delecroix one? Would be nice if it matched the colour of the green twisted pc pedals or the animal ones. That would be a bit darker, I guess.
And how about some matching seat clamps (single bolt?) and rim tape while you’re at it? I think that would make sense, wouldn’t it?

Anyways, it’s great to know you still keep improving your stuff as much as possible.

20" Rim

Hey, Kris, You mentioned in your Flatland Project thread about bringing out a 20" 47mm rim, but I can’t see any reference to it here. Is it something that is likely to be here any time soon, or is it being saved for the 2011 lineup?


The pin extends full length through the post into press-fit holes on each side, instead of being a short pin on just one side. Besides being stronger it also means it’s unlikely to be pushed out.


The foam can’t come separately, unfortunately,because by the time it was packaged and shipped separately it would be almost as expensive as the rest of it.

The brighter green is close to the Flash Deluxe frame and the green KH seatpost has been updated to match the green in the saddle cover. It doesn’t exactly match the twisted or animal pedals but it’s pretty close.


This should be arriving in Spring 2010.



GREAT improvements Kris! Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the info.

So would you recommend the street saddle for muni and touring on my geared KH26 with T-Bar? I’m using the 09 freeride one now, but I do think it’s a little too wide for me. I also put the older cover on because the new one made the foam soak up my sweat too much. So it stayed wet and got pretty smelly…:o That doesn’t happen with the leather top one.

I’m looking forward to some pics of the new light green stuff, so I can decide if that would look good on my setup(s).

Awesome work Kris !

I can see many useful improvements :D…

I really can’t comment anymore because my face is like a purple ball (the cirurgy stills painful :(), soon I drop some other comments :smiley:

Congratulations again for keeping the improvements every year!

Thanks again for increasing the clearance on the 26" frame.

I would have one already but the trip to California and back sort of killed my financial situation. Ah well it was fun!

I love what you are doing for the bigger wheeled MUni scene!

I have a Street saddle on my 36’er with a T-bar, and I like it. For riding offroad, if I was carrying a heavier pack, or if I didn’t have a T-bar I’d stick with the Freeride saddle (ie. to absorb shock or if the force was more vertically downwards). But otherwise I personally like the thinner saddle with a touring bar.

If you find your current saddle a bit wide, you can always take the cover off and trim the foam width to exactly follow the width of the saddle frame. That is basically what I did with the production 2010 Freeride saddle.


Careful with this thought Kris. A lot of smaller bike shops that are carrying or supplying your products can’t or won’t compete with MEC. Not sure how this plan might effect UDC Canada either.

Good thoughts. MEC would be a UDC Canada dealer, so it would not hurt them.
My sister works in the MEC buying department and I’m well aware of the discomfort by Canadian bikeshops about MEC selling bikes. My gut feeling is that it won’t hurt and might in fact help Canadian bikeshops to have a major retailer like MEC helping to grow the popularity of cycling in Canada, and the same (IMO) would be true for unicycles. But of course this all is moot unless MEC indeed became interested in the idea.


The improvements sound great Kris!

If only I didn’t have to pay for college…
I think eventually, my next unicycle purchase will be the KH36er… Still have my Nimbus, but I want to have something that will eventually fit a geared hub. Thats probably going to be a looong time from now.

I’m not sure about the animosity towards MEC in regards to bike sales, but have heard of smaller shops in smaller communities cancelling their orders with their long time suppliers of cycle clothing and accessories since these suppliers have begun to sell to MEC. The small shops can’t compete with MEC.

However I guess thats the way it is in today’s buisiness community.