KH 2010 29 Street Tire size

There might be a thread for this and if so I apologize in advance as I have to do this quickly, so a quick question, what street tire will work on the KH 29er. I’m not sure and I don’t want to purchase the wrong size, UDC doesn’t specify any for the KH. Thank you.

If you have the KH XC rim (38mm) you could use anything from 700x42c and up. In the U.S. 28" and 29" tires are generally the same bead seat diameter (BSD) of 622mm. You can look at the sidewall of any modern tire to see the ETRO tire size (in the above example it would be 42-622), and as long as the first number is the same width as your rim, or wider, and the second one is 622 it will fit.

The Schwalbe big apple 28x2, or Big Apple 29x2.35 will both fit your rim. The ETRO size for them is 50-622, and 60-622 if I remember right. The smaller one is more generally liked on uni’s. The larger one has problems with road camber.

Hopefully that makes some sense. Keep in mind that there are other tires called 28" that do not have a 622mm BSD. These are rare in the U.S., but can be found on old Dutch bikes, and old Raleigh’s with rod brakes. As long as you look for the 622mm size you will be fine.

Thank you jtrops, much appreciated. So…would this fit?

That should fit just fine. I don’t usually like making rash generalizations, but as far as I know anything that’s marked as a 29" tire will work. I don’t think there has ever been another 29" tire size for bikes.

Thank you :slight_smile:

That tire used to come standard on the Nimbus touring 29er (Don’t know if it still does). It is really heavy. I replaced it with a Schwalbe Marathon Supreme on mine. It is much lighter and more efficient.

I have also heard that the Maxxis Hookworm is good but I couldn’t find them larger than 26"