KH 2008 trials rim or Koxx try all trials rim


I want to buy another trial rim, and I want a strong and lightely rim,
which of these rims are better?

-Rim - 19 Inch Trials Rim - Try All 36 Holes
-Rim - 19 Inch Trials Kris Holm 2008

Definetely the Koxx 36 holes, UNDRILLED is stronger. But heavier…

Between the Drilled Koxx and the KH, the main difference is that KHs have smaller holes and off-set spokes… And it’s stronger than the K1.

Right now, the only advantage of K1, is that you can have it more many different colours…

Go for the KH. it has off-set spokes which make a stronger wheel.
the K1 has no spoke reinforcement and will fast begin saying funny noises.
the KH is only a tiny little bit heavier than the K1…:smiley:

i like my Koxx street rim… its a beast, i’ve roll-hopped off a 6 set and landed at 90* … and it is still true.
… it may be a little heavier, but you won’t ever break it.

and i think the holes in the KH more than make up for the offset spokes…

also, the K1 street has eyelets.
idk what he means by spoke reinforcement, but with the K1 rim you will need KH spokes if you are lacing it to the KH hub.(i learned the hard way… 10 spokes in one drop)

sorryy, I didn’t specify, its a UNDRILED KOXX RIM, the “reinforced” rim

I’ll buy the koxx undrilled becuase it’s recomended for " Hardcore Trials- and Street riders",

i have roll-hopped a 8 set, after that my rim was dead:(

Thank’s Pedro!!

If you plan on doing many flip tricks or anything, then the undrilled is not for you.

It’s perfect for big street or old school street, however.


it’s heavy?

i were only thinking about the K1 drilled rim. but i will still recommend the KH because its a bit lighter and it’s probably as strong as the K1 reinforced…

how do you possibly come to this conclusion?
it doesn’t make much sense to me, and i have ridden 4 different rims, 3 of which i have messed bent/broken.

8 set breaking a rim? you should probably work on roll out a little… it shouldn’t take too much practice, probably like 10 jumps from a 6 stair

realy, i don’t know what appened those day, I only hopp the stair, I landed it , no problems , and i still rolling, but a few meters later, I saw the wheel and the rims was over


well, i’ve noticed that if you slow down to compensate on your landing, you will land MUCH harder than if you landed rolling smoothly.

stronger than? 2007 KH, yes, than koxx street? doubtful.

The Try-All is amazing!!! I just bought another one.