KH 2008 24er Muni with Magura for sale

Hello there, hope english is o.k. for you guys…
There are a lot of Dutch on the Germans “Weihnachtsmärkte” special in Oberhausen, Düsseldorf and Essen. So maybe it is interessing that there is a great present for x-mess for sale “last minute” for “take away”.
I have an almost new KH Muni for sale. It is from August 2008 the brand new ones…
The price is arround 620,- in Germany (inkl. Spooner, Breakeparts, Cutting, extra breake holders etc…). The bike is in very very good condition. If you clean it up - it is like new. It is ridden arround 90KM on good bicycle-ways (because I am learning).
It for sale mostly of two other main Hobbys, that don´t like wrist-injuries from sometimes grapping in the floor ( :slight_smile: ) firstly it is Juggling (where you can´t need bad wirsts) … also I have not the time for touring at the moment.
So this gread bike is for sale.
The price is even the price a have made the german people here - arround 499,-.
You don´t have to worry about garantie because of a very good shop where I brought it - and the bike is known for the best quality you can get.

If you like you can contact me - best in german but english is also o.k. - and anything between :slight_smile:

On top I will give away for free a second (very very simple) 20" unicycle.
(Not a big deal but anyway it is for free…)

There is also the possibility to meet in Roermond.

Hi Scharpenacker,

Very few Dutch unicyclists visit this forum. A frequently visited Dutch forum is on There’s even a ‘for sale’ section in the forum, at You might want to repost your offer there. You have to work a bit on your Dutch though. :slight_smile: Good luck.