KH 2007 Bearings

Has anyone had to replace a KH 2007 bearing? If so where can the 22ID 42OD 12W bearings be purchased from besides UDC?



I buggered up my bearings a little bit too… I’m thinking of using that as an excuse to buy me a carbon base - since I gotta order from MDC anyway, I should make the shipping price worth it. And don’t tell me to go to a local bearing shop, I don’t know where it is.

You can find local bearing shops by looking in the Yellow Pages, or whatever the business adverts phone book is called there.

But they probably won’t have KH bearings, as they’re a custom funny size made specially for the unicycle places.


I need qu-ax splined bearings. And I tear all the yellow pages books that I can get my hands on.

Earlier- before 07 ISIS, KH bearings are cheap

You can buy a tube of 10 for 20 dollars at many bearing supply places. Here’s one.

In 07, as part of the ISIS standard, the axle size was increased 2 mm. They could have gone with a 2 mm larger OD bearing, and had a standard, cheap size.

Instead, a uni company (I think qu-ax), said, “don’t worry about it guys, I will order a special batch of 22x 42 bearings, and sell you all a bunch.” And frame makers went that way, to avoid the cost of modding their frame bearing holders to accept the larger 22x44 bearings. However, you can’t find a 22x42 bearing anywhere, except a uni parts dealer. Hopefully, once the frame makers sell off their old stock, and set up a new line, they will make them to except a 22x44 bearing. Still, the 8$ cost UDC charges for a single 22x42 is not so bad.

Torker just likes to screw their customers.  Their uni's come with a custom bearing size unique to them, for no other reason then to charge you $30/pair, for a set that should cost 4 $.  Booo Torker !

Bearings for KH 2007


You have an older Qu-Ax. Maybe you have the standard 20 42 12 bearings. I would check it out. Just go to a hardware store and ask. MDC charges a minimum 32 Euro postage charge for outside of EU. That sucks for just some bearings.

Feel the Light’

That was interesting what you said about the new bearing sizes. It would probably be a good Idea to buy a few just to have on hand. I wonder if KH is going to change the size of his frames in order to hold 44mm OD bearings inthe future? If not we could be seriously screwed when Qu-Ax runs out of the 224212 bearings! Just think, I have the KH2007 24" and 20". Both get hard use.


Municycle is also It is Germany.

Cost of shipping from the UK to Israel by post is only £3.25. All you have to do is ask. :slight_smile:

The bearings are not ones you can get at a bearing shop. The bearings used on unicycles with ISIS splines are specially commissioned for them.


…if you ask roland and petra from municycle, they will send you the bearings in a envelope (thats how they sent me the bearings and spokes) so it’s way cheaper then the 35 euros. like roger said just ask…