KH 2005 Frame Seatpost width

Hope this isn’t a repeat from anywhere…
My Nimbus frame has developed a prob with my KH 2005 hub… The bearing caps, not being 42MM ones, are no longer holding the hub in place properly, the hub is actually shifting in the frame. I tried tightening it, but then the wheel didn’t turn as well (I’m guessing it was pinching bearings.) So, I figure I’ll just cut my losses and buy the KH frame for the KH hub (rather then kill the hub and be out $200).

So, 2 Questions:
Is the Seatpost width the same as on my Nimbus (I couldn’t see it listed on on as having any specific seatpost diameter, or coming with a seatpost for that matter) and 2nd: Any idea on how to loosen a frozen allen bolt on my Nimbus frame, so I can get the current seatpost out?
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the KH is 27.2. im pretty sure the nimbus is not that big in the seat tube.

amonia will loosen a ceased bolt if it really bad. use wd40 if its not so bad.

where you getting a KH frame? 04 or 05?

'05, since the Hub is an '05. I was told it would fit the Nimbus frame, and it did, but perhaps it just shifted too much or something… I was also told some people had had probs with it, but I only heard that after I’d ordered/recieved the hub.

I was gonna get it from… I figure I’m safest getting the frame the hub was designed for (or the other way around).

Anysuggestions besides

if you can wait, Darren B post a long time ago that in late july or august he would be getting frames. they will be alot cheaper than $199 to. uni.coms prices are getting outta hand in some areas lately.

The problem (for me) is how likely am I to damage the hub in the meantime… I waited nearly 3 months to get the hub in the 1st place, andnow am watching summer (and choice riding) slip away before my eyes :’(

On the other hand, cheaper is better :wink: Also, when I emailed Darren asking about fitting, he e-mailed back next day… UDC took over 2 weeks to get back to me…

Re: KH 2005 Frame Seatpost width

Question 1: No, the diameter will be different. The KH uses a 27.2mm post (compatible with Onza seat posts also). This is a standard bike size so you can use bike seat posts with a rail adapter, or just buy a standard KH or Onza post.

The Nimbus runs either a 25.4mm post (newer models) or a 22.2mm post (older models). In either case your old post will not fit in the new frame. It is possible to make a shim, which means you can use your old post on the new frame. A good machinist or bike builder should be able to knock up a shim fairly cheaply.

Question 2: First spray with CRC or a similar compound. Leave for a few minutes, wipe and then try undoing it using an extra long allen key. The longer the key, the more leverage and the more likely you will be able to loosen it.
For a picture of one of these see:

I’ve had my KH hub experimental 700c wheel in a Sem XL frame for a while with no problems. The other advantage is that the KH frame does not take the Big Apple 2.35 tire, but the Sem does. You can get the frame directly from Semcycle with ease.

Thanks for all your input guys! Turns out it may not be warranted… I tried a rubber shim (3/4 of the bottom of an automotive valve stem) to put in the bearing cap, and it had no effect… didn’t even make it harder to shift, so I took the wheel out and checked the bearing holder (Sorry for lack of proper terminology… the round shiny thing with the bearings inside ;))
The bearing holder is actually loose around the axle, and that’s where the shiftiness comes from… just a little slop… I’m less worried now for some reason, though still trying to figure out how to fix it :wink: Thanks again!