Kh 20

I’m thinking about buying a kh20 inch. Can someone tell me their opinion on it?

they are an extremly good unicycle 2004 and 2005 models. and you have the knowledge that the greatest unicyclist designed them so you know they must be good:D

i reecently got a kh20" trials uni and its pretty cool. its good for jumps at least 4 ft and under as i can tell. i recommend it.


More like drops at least 10 feet as under, as Kevin M. has told.

It’s all technique, but they will hold up to some massive drops.

Yeah, as long as you land and roll out properly, it’ll hold up to some tough stuff.

So will most unicycles, as long as they aren’t made of a softer metal, like aluminum or an alloy.


very true.

yes, very very.


so what you are saying is the new kris holm unicycles arnt strong

Yea ima pick me up one of these pretty soon. I could do with a lighter trials uni. My old Summit has been good uni and has served me well, but it has always been a little on the heavy side.