Kh 20"

Bought for my daughter a few years back off this site, along with a brand new seat post last December. I will include the old cut seat post as well. This hasn’t seen much use since we got it and is in fine shape, with perhaps a little surface rust as shown on the odd spot but could be cleaned off easy. nothing of any seriousness wrong with this baby. my daughter has just moved on to other pursuits…Silks and Acro yoga to be exact :astonished:

I have no idea what this is worth…$325 CAD? plus shipping. maybe someone will tell me i am insane or that’s not enough…haha . you won’t hurt my feelings.
I just hope someone can give it the use it needs. nice machine.

flip me your postal code or zip and i can give an appropriate shipping estimation quickly.
thanks for looking!


If you’re on Facebook, I recommend posting on the Toronto Unicyclists Club, you might get some interest there!

Thanks, Jaco! Good idea

This just sold on eBay, all done here i think.