KH 20 --- Warranty?

I got a DX a few weeks ago and already bent the hub, and my dad really supports unicycling and is thinking about a KH 20 for me, but hes somehow paranoid about breaking a part right away and wants to know about a warranty… is there some sort of one?


You broke the Torker DX hub in a matter of weeks? What the heck were you doing on it?

I have no clue, not escpecially large stuff. I think the biggest was a 6 set, which shouldn’t have affected it at all. Although I frequent that particular stair set and a ledge next to it… still. maybe I got a lemon or something? anyways, my LBS is working something out with seattle bike.

Good because you would be like only the third person to ruin that hub/crank setup. I would say you got a lemon.

I’m sure Kris would want to hear if you broke something

Word of mouth is that failures are very rare. There isn’t a specific time warranty as far as I know. If you did have a defective part, that would be odd, and I bet you would be given a new one. I have read of people getting new torker frames like that.
So much depends on the rider though. A really large and/or aggressive rider would break anything eventually. So some people just except that they must buy a new seat post or part once in a while. This isn’t really a quality control issue, people want light parts. They wouldn’t buy a truly unbreakable uni, that had 20+ lbs. of metal on it. All wheel sports have this balance between strength and lightness. Pro factory motocross bikes have the frame replaced every 6 races, even if they haven’t crashed and show no sign of damage. Most frames would go way more then 6 races without breaking. But the teams aren’t happy just finishing most races!:wink:

unless you got a defective hub which is rare (i have never heard of it) and your biggest set was a 6 it means your style sucks. no offense. or you weigh a lot. and you might think about working on improving your style before upgrading.

thats really odd. mine didn’t get messed up very bad, it is still very rideable. it has some really annoying keyway slop and a slight bend. that is after repeated 9 sets 10 sets, repeated 8ish foot drops, and lots of gaps w/ big drops. I don’t let my equipment hold me back. thats the main reason it breaks.
cody williams broke his the same way. he took his off many many 9 foot drops (and a few bigger) before it broke.

do me a favor and swap out the pedals if you can’t see the bend. take some pictures too. some pedal spindles bend EXTREMELY easily and it can make you think that it is the hub.

KH has a 90 day warranty I believe. he is a cool guy, if you break something major on the uni (the seat stiffener does not count!) then he will more than likely replace it for shipping cost if that. if you are getting a kh have no worries you won’t mess it up.

well if he rolls out I think the hub suffers the same amount of stress as if he diden’t.

Yeah it’s called keeping the bikes “Fresh” and there is a lot more stupid things they do to the bikes to keep them fresh other than the switching out the chassis. But that’s cool you know something about mx!:slight_smile:

so rolling out is the on;y way to improve his style? no.
compressing his legs. dropping his back towards the ground.
by doing these things he increases the impact time reducing the force through applying it over a larger period of time

Ok, update: it IS defective. The axel is somehow rotating inside the hub, which makes the cranks pop and slip, but both do at the same time in the same direction, making it obvious they are secure on the splines… anyways, I’m supposed to bring it in on friday.

thanks for all the help!

Wow thas good mate, I thought was gonna have a uni destroying competitor :roll_eyes:

Edit: Ohh and i Like that Cop in your sig, the best way to say you missing a whell…ever…

oh crap… mine did the same thing and torker bullshitted their way out of it and wouldn’t fix it because it was “rider caused”

so get this: Seattle Bike is replacing my entire wheelset. why the whole wheelset in not really something I should be asking questions about. :stuck_out_tongue: This means I get to once again cover my local funbox in red paint! laughs evilly

Yeah my ordeal with the ahem law enforcement officer has to be the first thing a cop has said to me besides “you cant skate here” or similar phrases. people don’t care where and when you unicycle because it still has its “whoa! a Unicycle!” value, unlike all the negative comments skating gets. The other day I was grinding some benches at a local park and this nice old lady gave me a sermon about how bad skateboards tear up the benches, while she didn’t even mention the garish wounds the bench had suffered from the evil of my pinned pedals. I felt bad afterward. at least untill I looked around and realized there were 50 others benches, and just this metal-edged one was getting grinded

that sux.

put cheapo plastics on there for pedals :slight_smile:
and your oldest crappiest tire/tube


KHU has a common sense warranty. That means that if something fails due to a manufacturing defect, it will be repaired or replaced (usually replaced). If it fails due to longterm use or huge abuse, then that’s not covered. This policy seems to work OK because I have a good idea from my own experience what the unis and components can take, and it’s a balance between making a uni that’s strong yet recognizing that nothing is completely indestructible.



Cool. thanks for the feedback!

lol. Thats acually a great Idea Skrobo. what would be wicked is if they let me keep the old wheelset, as its still rideable. rubs hands

nah, they won’t let you keep the old one. no way, no how. they have to make sure that its actually broken and find a way to make it never happen again. I really want to see some newer innovation(no copying) out of Torker, i know they make some higher end bikes and i want to see that in their unicycles.