KH 20" Trials

Selling my kh 20" trials uni. I bought it in 2009, I think it was a 2008 setup. The frame was bent, so they sent me a new one (2009 frame). It’s in great shape. Moment 137 cranks, kh street seat, colony plastic pedals (neon green). Looks great, rides great.

There is a small tear on the seat, you can see it in the pic of the seat. There are a few dings on the bottom bearing holder.

$325 + shipping


Duh… forgot the pics

Woops, here are the pics…

I’m pretty sure that’s an 2007 model, it has the blue hub, the rim has round holes and it has the old welded seatpost. It has the 09 frame for sure, well, 08 or 09 but they are pretty much the same I think. Good luck with your sale!:wink:

yea its the 07 hub

itll be gone in a heartbeat…its another great deal. if i had 325 extra i’d get it…but i just bought another 36

Thanks for spotting the year of the wheel set. I wasn’t sure.

Why you sellin it?

I’d buy the wheelset and seat/post if you were interested in parting it out.

I’m changing up my hobbies, so I’m letting all my Unis go…

I’d buy the saddle and maybe pedals if they were cheap.

I just realized I should clarify this. I would take everything besides the frame and clamp if he parted it out.

Never mind

how much for the frame and clamp alone out of curiosity…

PM sent.

everything besides frame & clamp $225

frame & clamp $100

I’m only doing this if I find buyers for both…

Just taken…

Sold, thanks everyone.

whoa the frame and clamp are just $100? I might take that sorry for sound like a dumb ass but how do I pay?

oh nvm -now i see you sold post- :frowning: