kh 20 trials or nimbus II trials with moments

hey ive been looking around at a new unicycle. at first i looked at the kh 2008 on bicycleisland and thought this isnt a bad price but will my parents let me spend that much. then i looked at the nimbus II and read that the petals are not made for jumping.(thought wow its a trials unicycle its made for jumping) so i looked to see how much it would be with moments and it was almost the same price. what is your opinions. :thinking:

The KH on bikeisland is a 2007 and a very good deal. If your just getting into unicycling the Nimbus without moments will serve you fine for now, but the KH is a better uni. BTW the “pedals” are called crank arms or cranks for short.

If you can do it, go for the KH. Much better quality all around and is pretty much the best stock, all-around unicycle.

If you are just getting into unicycling, id still go for the KH. You have nothing holding you back while learning, which is good, as learning can be abusive, and after learning, you are still abusive to the uni, so something that is great from the get-go is going to be better. Also, the re-sale value is going to be higher on the KH, so if you do start, and dont want it anymore, someone here will pick it up quickly.

im not a beginner i have a torker cx right now and i cant jump high because of the tire being so thin and because there is nothing to grab because the seat is small. my birthday is comeing up and im hoping to get a new uni with birthday money and also does the kris holm unicycle come with a warrenty on the parts like most kris holms do

KH, lighter, stronger, higher quality.

I have a nearly new 2007 KH Trials for sale, $300 plus shipping.

Send a PM if interested.

I think you jsut answered your own question.

He pretty much has a warranty. If a part breaks, e-mail him and ask about it, cause im sure stuff like pedals, seats, and seat posts wont be replaced for free, but maybe you can talk a deal with him. I always see him replace his frames though.