KH 20 Trials (new one-ISIS Moment hub and crank set)

Has anyone ever smashed one up? The only thing I have ever heard was that someone broke the seat post. I ride a the KH 20 and have never had trouble with it yet-or broken something on it-

People break seatposts all the time, whatever the uni. That and seatbases are the two ‘expendable’ items that (if you ride trials hard) will have to be replaced often.

Other than that, I haven’t heard anything about the ISIS cranks breaking or bending. I’ve heard of 3 frame breakages, but thats all, and they were used hard.

You won’t break a KH20 under normal, beginner or intermediate trials use. If you get as good as Ryan Atkins, and do trials like he does for more than a year, then yes, you’ll break something substantial. Until then, I’d assume you’re pretty safe.


Consider pedals very expendable on unicycles, especially doing trials with all the pedal grabs.

not really. sure, they bend, but they usually don’t snap.

Yeah, and bent pedals are not good.

Anyway, to prove you wrong, in the past 2 months I’ve snapped 2 pedals.

whoah, what kind?

metal pedals snap all the time, what are you talking about? or maybe ive just seen some really unlucky situations?

probs magnesium/ other light kind. I’m sure theres a heavy but strong set on the market

Sorry, didn’t see this till now.

I snapped my wellgo’s in 2 places. Along with that, I broke a plastic pedal.